Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reading Report August 2014

What I read in August 2014

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Contemporary, Romance, Adult

Company policy states that work email is subject to be read by a third party yet it doesn't stop Beth and Jennifer from sharing friendly, funny, or personal correspondence. It's Lincolns job to monitor company emails and he can't help but feel like he's getting to know Beth and Jennifer, even though they've never met before.

I thought this was a fun idea and I think Rowell pulled it off rather brilliantly. She has away of capturing and expressing the vulnerability in her characters without making them feel weak. I liked this one!

Every Secret Thing by Susanna Kearsley
Mystery, Thriller

While on assignment in a foreign country, Kate is approached by an old man who makes a passing comment about her grandmother. After the brief conversation she's left wondering more but it's too late as he's struck and killed by a hit and run car. She can't leave it be and starts uncovering a story about her beloved grandmother and a man she never knew, but must have been a bigger part of her grandmothers life. Some one is trying to keep things hidden though as the trail turns even more dangerous and deadly.

I read this one for book club and liked it okay. The plot sounded fascinating but I felt like it took too many turns and at some points got a bit confusing how she kept figuring things out and how one person was involved in the plot. Maybe if I had more time to really jump in I could have focused better. 

The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski
Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian 

Kestrel is the general's daughter and is supposed to get married or join the army, though she wants neither, At the auction she unexpectedly finds Arin, a slave up for bid, and buys him. 

An interesting world. Deep characters. A rich story. I want to reread it. (FYI the first in a series, and it just came out so the next couple will be along but are not out yet.)

As You Are by Sarah M. Eden
Regency Romance, Clean, Historical Fiction

Corbin Jonquil comes from a large powerful family. He's always been more comfortable in the stables with his horses and just blending in.  But when Mrs. Clara Bentford is new in the neighborhood he takes notice and wants her to notice him. His brothers all suggest ways to catch her eye but none of them are him and Corbin and Clara fumble around each other. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love anything by Sarah M. Eden. Her characters are vivid and full and interesting. She's a great storyteller and her writing is engaging. Usually when I pick up her books I can't put them down until I'm done. I've read these completely out of order, which I haven't minded but if you haven't started yet, the first one was is Friends and Foes.

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