Saturday, December 19, 2009

Question #11 Fiercely Loyal

Asked by Rachel+Co (who has wisdom beyond measure and can make me laugh when I don't expect it)

What is your best relationship advice?
Where would you vacation if money was not an issue?
What is the best book you've read this year?

I came up with three ideas. I could
probably talk your ear off on this subject, or suggest a bunch of books to read but here is the short answer.

1) A great man once said, “When you are married, be fiercely loyal one to another. Selfishness is the great destroyer of happy family life. If you will make your first concern the comfort, the well-being, and the happiness of your companion, sublimating any personal concern to that loftier goal, you will be happy, and your marriage will go on throughout eternity”

2) Never stop trying (to be a good spouse), learning (to make things better in your marriage) and growing (to become a better person). Read books (together if possible), attend seminars (together if possible), look up talks, take classes (together if possible). Do you remember that first time after high school that you were asked a math question and you though, "Oh man, it's been years since I've taken a math class, I'm a little rusty..." Don't let that happen to your marriage.

3) Have fun together. Be silly. Laugh. Take some time to not be so serious. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Sometimes it's ok to push that hard aside and just enjoy each other.

A Vacation: Probably a Caribbean/Bahamas cruise. My hubby and I have both been on one when we were younger (with our individual families) but I'd like to go again, with him this time. Either that or touring the USA. Stay in nice hotels and eat at fun places (instead of trying to save every penny just to make it home).

Best Book this year: Mmm I've read some good ones, all very different categories. Couldn't decide so here's a few; Miss Delacort Speaks Her Mind (Heidi Ashworth), Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins), The Dark Divine (Bree Despain), Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater)

**Want to play along? Do you have any questions for me? Go ahead and ask me here!


Anonymous said...

I love Heidi Ashworth. She's a great friend and writer. =]

I'm still dying to get my hands on Bree's book but it feels like FOREVER until it comes out! (Even though it's only 3 days away!!)

Excellent advice about marriage. Especially the having fun together part. My husband makes me laugh daily. I love that guy.

Unknown said...

You posted on the wrong blog.

Kristie said...

I don't know where to ask questions to, but I have one. Since this is Christmas time, what was the best gift you gave someone? And what was the best one you recieved? It doesn't have to be this year, any year.

Barbaloot said...

Ooh-this makes me wanna go read more:)

And if I had a vacation where money was no object I'd definitely to a cruise---but I'd stay in one of the really nice rooms, instead of the little tiny basement ones:)

Jenni Elyse said...

Great advice, Debbie! Of course, you know your stuff, Miss Bachelor's Degree! :)

I'd love to go on a cruise too. I think if Corey and I ever got to go together, it would have to be a private cruise so we could dictate the lack of iodine infused fish. ;)

I've read two of your four books. However, I'll have read another one soon. ;) I'll have to look up the last one and put it on my to read list.

Rachel+Co said...

ooo, such great relationship advice. i'll have to bookmark this so i can come back to this again. sometimes i just need a little reminder.

and i would just love to take a cruise with the husband. somewhere warm and sunny...

Sher said...

Ooo, I just bought Catching fire, I'm excited to start it, but I'm trying to finish the other three books I've started first.
And I'd love the other ones, too, but I've never here of Shiver.

Olivia Carter said...

GREAT relationship advice. I'm going to have to AMEN all of those. Scott & I have made it through my crazy family issues, his crazy family issues, Rob's health issues all sorts of stuff by humor. Seriously it's a great way to survive through that mucky stuff.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love all of your thoughts on of my favorite things to talk about!

Love Heidi...she is such a great person!

And I'm a criuse girl or all inclusive hotel... They r just easier and lots of fun!