Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like it

We go through a lot of different kinds of pens around here. I don't know if he does it on purpose but my hubby collects them (as I'm sure most artists do). These fine point sharpie pens are fabulous!

Super fun game. Even my kids get a kick out of it. We love having friends over and battling out our movie knowledge. Hubby got this for me a while ago. Isn't he sweet?

I have a handful of favorite scents but this is most definitely at the top of my list.
Black Raspberry Vanilla
We have the car candle, bar and room spray. I love love the room spray. It takes 1 second and lasts several hours. Have you ever tried them?

Even my hubby is a fan of this stuff.
(Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body)

I hardly ever use dish rags anymore. A scrub brush and clorox wipes are all my kitchen needs.

I saw this at the store today. Took a little sniff and fell in love. I stuck it in my hubbys face and made him take a whiff. Then all my kids begged for a turn. Luckily [ha] I had laundry to to today so I got to use it, and I was right. I. Am. In. Love.

What are some of your favorite things around the house?


Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love my swiffer sweeper. Makes life that much easier! And I ALWAYS have lysol or clorox wipes on hand!!

Rochelle Brunson said...

I am a BIG fan of the clorox wipes also. I practically carry them around with me everywhere.
I love gain laundry detergent, the original scent. I know, I sound like the commercial, but it smells so dang good!!

Victoria said...

Vera Bradley mini-spiral notebooks and pencils in fun prints; Windex With Vinegar; paper towels (I go through a lot); Summer Sorbet potpourri by Aromatique; Magic Erasers by Mr. Clean; and Williams-Sonoma dishsoap in Persian Lime or Pink Grapefruit (Peppermint Snow is my real favorite, but I can only get it during the holidays).

Kristina P. said...

I haven't played Scene It in a long time, but it was so fun!

Olivia Carter said...

I also love Magic Erasers. I use them at least daily (seriously I should buy stock in them).

Diet Coke (ha- does that count as a household item? I think it does!)

I like candles a lot. Like lots of them. When we light them we light at least 8 so I really like lightly scented tea lights.

I use and abuse mechanical pencils.

And I really like Cascade complete dishwasher detergent.

It's like a mini-gratitude list! HURRAY!

Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops said...

I love my flylady feather dusters. I know that feather dusters get a lot of flack, but I love these ones. They are ostrich feather and pick up the dust nicely.

Jenni Elyse said...

My favorite thing around my house is my computer. But, if we're talking cleaning supplies and stuff like that, then I'd have to say my Swiffer Wet Jet is at the top of my list. I hate using traditional mops, so this gets me away from them. :)

I also love my Scentsy. Right now, we're smelling Lilac and Lavender and it's divine. My favorite is the orange creamsicle one. You know that one I'm talking about. But, I don't want to use it because it's been discontinued. :(

Brodi Ashton said...

I love your posts. What the heck is the Twilight Cliffs notes thing? That is so cool! I love how her face goes splat. Is this a preview for a longer project?

H.K. said...

I have Japanese Cherry Blossom, they're one of my favorites!

One of the things that we love is to have our house always smelling nice so we always have Hawaiin Breeze plug ins. Not great energy wise, but we always have people tell us how they love the smell of our house!

Wonder Woman said...

Love the bleach wipes, too. And the lavender vanilla. L O V E that a LOT.

Also my swiffer. Wet and otherwise. Unfortunately, that's about where my household products end. I don't do much around here.

Unknown said...

I might as well cut and copy this and put it on my blog that is how similar we are!! =) I am officially addicted to Scentsy...I am probably the last one to own one, but I am so in love!!

Victoria said...

Reading over the last few comments. Yes, I have to add Diet Coke (I did not think of it as a household product, but it is a good one) and YES! My flylady duster...