Monday, October 22, 2012


So I'm relatively young in the whole 'start screening for breast cancer' thing. I'm 30 and the recommended age is 40 for annual tests.
Yet today, because of my mom who passed away last month, and other things that have happened recently,
 I went in to get my very first mammogram. 

 And you know what? As much as I've heard about them, it really wasn't all that bad. Ok it IS a bit squishy. Or a lot. But a few seconds of squishy goodness is totally doable. Sure it's not like it's a cake walk, but it's certainly nothing to be afraid of 
or put off because of ______ (fill in your blank). 
Because bottom line, early detection could make a world of difference. 

So go do it ladies. It's worth it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 % Off Photography Session

Utah & (South East) Idaho friends! Do you still need to get your family pictures taken for Christmas cards and such?

Archangel Photography (or check out their blog ) will be traveling from California through our area the weekend of Nov 1-4. 

Check out the site and prices and let us know if you're interested. If at least four of us book appointments they're willing to offer us 50% off the family pricing!!!

*All photos used with permission.