Monday, December 28, 2015

Marriage Monday: I Get You

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"We all rejoice in hearing those 3 words: I love you. Beneath these 3 words are another 3: I get you. It's when we feel understood that we feel most loved."
-Karen Salmansohn

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What I read in July 2015

What I read in July 2015

by Elana Johnson
Verse, Contemporary, YA, Romance 

Elly has taken great strides to avoid Travis for months. Too many secrets. Too many bad things happened. If she faces him she'd have to relive it, tell him the truth. It's just easier to stay away from him. Only now, they're stuck in an elevator together.

I haven't read a story in verse and was a little nervous it'd throw off the story too much for me but I liked this one. It seemed like an interesting challenge to tell a captivating and deep enough story this way but Elana totally pulled it off.  Check it out. Tell me what you thought!

For Elise 
by Sarah M. Eden
Regency Romance, Clean, Mystery

Elise disappeared four years ago and Miles swore to always continue a search for his dear childhood friend. When he's delayed in a small town he catches a glimpse of an all to familiar face. And the past he thought he knew is a bit unraveled with a future he's looking forward to.

Sarah always writes swoon worthy, strong, male characters, but don't let that make you assume she'll skimp out on her female leads. They're just as daring and brave. Pick this one up. I think most any reader will enjoy it. 

by Courtney Alameda
Horror, Paranormal, YA

Micheline is used to this stuff. It's in her blood. It's her family line. With her camera as her weapon of choice, she chases monsters to ultimately send them away forever.

Just an ok read for me.  Though admittedly not my genre of preference. It felt a little boggish. I just keep thinking too much shoved in and an unwillingness to skim away the unneeded parts. It has gotten some good reviews though so if you're into paranormal you may want to pick it up.

by Deborah Lytton
Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance

Stella is gifted. A signer extraordinaire. A high school student dreaming of making it to Broadway. She suddenly loses her ability to hear (thus her ability to sing). Hayden stutters and it's this similarity of differences that bond these two together. They communicate.

It seemed like there could have been more depth to this story. Almost like it was just out of reach. I wanted to feel more for the characters.  While I didn't love it, I do think it's a good clean book for teenagers (and adults).