Saturday, December 19, 2009

Question #11 Fiercely Loyal

Asked by Rachel+Co (who has wisdom beyond measure and can make me laugh when I don't expect it)

What is your best relationship advice?
Where would you vacation if money was not an issue?
What is the best book you've read this year?

I came up with three ideas. I could
probably talk your ear off on this subject, or suggest a bunch of books to read but here is the short answer.

1) A great man once said, “When you are married, be fiercely loyal one to another. Selfishness is the great destroyer of happy family life. If you will make your first concern the comfort, the well-being, and the happiness of your companion, sublimating any personal concern to that loftier goal, you will be happy, and your marriage will go on throughout eternity”

2) Never stop trying (to be a good spouse), learning (to make things better in your marriage) and growing (to become a better person). Read books (together if possible), attend seminars (together if possible), look up talks, take classes (together if possible). Do you remember that first time after high school that you were asked a math question and you though, "Oh man, it's been years since I've taken a math class, I'm a little rusty..." Don't let that happen to your marriage.

3) Have fun together. Be silly. Laugh. Take some time to not be so serious. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Sometimes it's ok to push that hard aside and just enjoy each other.

A Vacation: Probably a Caribbean/Bahamas cruise. My hubby and I have both been on one when we were younger (with our individual families) but I'd like to go again, with him this time. Either that or touring the USA. Stay in nice hotels and eat at fun places (instead of trying to save every penny just to make it home).

Best Book this year: Mmm I've read some good ones, all very different categories. Couldn't decide so here's a few; Miss Delacort Speaks Her Mind (Heidi Ashworth), Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins), The Dark Divine (Bree Despain), Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater)

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Question #10 Singing Sprouts

Asked by Kayla (Who kicks my butt at scrabble and most other board games)

Question #10
What kind of bribe would you have to be offered to get you to eat a serving of brussel sprouts?
What was your favorite song during your sophomore year in high school?

Brussel Sprouts? I've had them once before and they were pretty nasty. So to get me to eat an actual entire serving (and not just a tiny bite like my 3 y/o would try to get away with) would take something serious. I'm talking like a promise to make dinner for me for a week or big cash prize ala fear factor style.

Song in HS? Light in your Eyes by Blessed Union of Souls (I think it starts about 45 seconds into the video). Of course, it reminded me of a boy. Cause mostly everything did really.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Swap with Rita

So as I mentioned in my other post I participated in the Santa Swap over at The-Mommy Files. A few people got added in late (like me, thanks Shan for still letting me play) so there were a few things to shuffle around and I got to do a swap with two fab girls!

My partner was Rita from One 2 Try who has a fun review, giveaway, recipe, food blog. Let's just saw the obvious shall we? My kids were THRILLED tto see this package. Check out the loot that Rita sent over. A coloring book, crayongs, gingerbread cookies, cute santa suckers, candy canes, big pack of Play Doh, Santa Clause chocolate, a super cute Christmas puppy, twizzler bath collection, mint chocolate cookies (yum! I've been eating them while working on my Christmas cards), and a lovely book called Misltetoe Courtship (can't wait to get started on it!). Rita thanks for the fun treats and activities for me and my fam! This was so so much fun!

Santa-Swap with Stacey

I participated in The Mommy-Files Santa Swap giveaway this month and I gotta tell ya, I can't get enough of these swaps. It's such a fun way to get to know other fun bloggers and meet a new friend. Plus you get mail and who doesn't love mail?

I got teamed up with the fabulous Stacey from StaceyBug Creations and her other blog One Domestic Darling! Stacey make some beautiful handmade cards and crafts and was so sweet to send me a box full of awesome gifts! She sent me three beautiful towels, a santa photo frame (can't wait to put my kids picture with Santa in there!), an adorable snowman pillow, a cute santa bag filled with candy (you can be sure my kids ate some of it up), and a lovely handmade card. I'm so excited to have some fun decorations to add to my home. I realized this year as I was pulling out my decorations I'm seriously lacking so I was thrilled to get this lovely gift from Stacey! Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Question #9 Perhaps I'll Stick To Reading

Asked by L.T. Elliot (who I've recently found likes green beans WAY more than I do)

Question #9 I'd like to know about you as a writer. What genre/age range? Who has inspired you? What is one of your favorite books? Did you ever have an idea you knew was just fabulous and you HAD to write it?

This is a fun yet difficult question. While this year I've really enjoyed meeting tons of authors, going to reading and writing conferences and spreading the word on fantastic books I've read, I haven't really tried to write for an audience. I wrote a little (really, a little, like maybe 3000 words) about two years ago, but I've only ever dared let one person read it and I'm pretty sure I'd never want that piece to see the light of day.

So to answer your questions:
Genre/age: I think I'd go for YA.
Inspired me: A lot of good friends.
Favorite books: Oh I've read so many good ones. Here's a handful I like that I've read this year Hunger Games/Catching Fire, The Dark Divine, The Princess Bride, Shiver
Fabulous ideas: I think this is why I haven started yet. I have one searing idea, this idea I started ealier, but I'm so bad at conflict or having my characters make decisions that would hurt. Which I think means I have no plot. Haha.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuff & movies about books

Bree Despains book comes out in about 7 days my friends. If you're interested she's having a "huge frakkin giveaway" you should go enter. In similar news I've made my very first ever book trailer in honor of said book. Give me a break, I was trying to get it done before the kids woke up and now that I know how to fix it I dont want to repost it because I'll loose my beloved 30 views. Haha. Tell me, doesnt this make you want to read it though? Anyone wanna be nice and rate it on youtube for me?

My cousin is trying to reach a milestone. She needs your help. C'mon guys, it's Christmas! All she's asking for is a follower. Or five. I'm not kidding when I say you won't regret it. I view her blog like I would my morning cartoons (if I read them), brilliant and funny. Go now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question #8 Past Time Names

Asked by Jenni Elyse (who's movie trivia puts mine to shame.)

Quesiton #8
What's your favorite past time? I know you're not necessarily planning to have more children, but if you had another one, what would you name him/her?

I'm hoping these are two separate questions, one not spurred by the other. ;-) Haha.

Favorite past time: I have a handful of pastimes I enjoy but if I had to pick just one I'd say reading. Finishing up school and doing things solo around here for a while has left me very little time to read and compared to my book count last year I'm dearly missing it.

As for children: Yes you'd be correct that we're not planning on anymore so I wouldn't really try to come up with a name. However there are some names I like but that just never fit any of our kids like Savannah or Jace.

What's your favorite past time?

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Questions #6 & 7 Secrets and Favorites

Question #6
Asked by Nena (who tells the most fabulous stories.)
Do you have a lot of secrets?
No. I find I'm not a fan of drama so I tend to bow out of things that create it, like secrets. Even silly ones like Birthday surprises. I get so excited I can't hold it in and I have to tell (I dont know if my hubby has gotten very many gifts from me he hasn't known about, haha).

Question #7
Asked by Olivia (Who is fabulously creative and has an eye for fashion.)
I want to hear about some of your favorites. Fav food, drink, candy, music, book, family activity That sort of thing.

food~French Fries, is that too obvious? How about Chicken. I LOVE chicken.
drink~Diet Coke
candy~I just discovered a new one, Reeses Clusters
music~I don't get a lot of chances to listen to the radio so I'm really not up on any new music. I love piano music and alot of kids of instrumental music. I steal my hubby's or friends music to work out to though so I do hear some
book~Mandy by Julie Andrews (from my childhood)
family activity~Pizza Parties. We get to have a picnic in the living room (the kids insist on sitting on a blanket or tablecloth to make it an actual picnic) and watch a movie. They always look forward to our Friday nights.

A few others I thought of:
restaurants~Most any :)
activity to unwind~lunch with girl friends
flower~Calli Lily
dessert~cheesecake (homemade)
Jamba Juice flavor~Razzmatazz or Mango A Go Go (I need another taste test, anyone up for going out?)
family vacation~Disneyland!
(which by the way this picture comes from my 'let me introduce myself' post)

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writers gotta eat

I have discovered this last year that the best thing for a 'pick me up' is a girls lunch, at least for me, it does wonders. I threw together a little meet up with some of my friends who did NaNoWriMo and my cousin Brodi who brought her fab writing group. We went to Zupa's which I've never tried before, but I got a yummy sandwhich and talked all sorts of crazy topics. It's amazing to me that just the commonality of wanting a little time to chill is enough to give us all a good time. Anyone else up for a lunch out? Seriously. :)

Olivia, Heidi, Brodi , Emily (who wrote The Way He Lived), Sara B, Valynne, Bree (who wrote The Dark Divine), and me. *(We're missing Rachel who took off just a few minutes before we realized we needed to snap a picture.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: You Name It

Using only ONE word, title this photo.

(Photo taken by me in June 2009 in Utah.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tell Me: Your Mom

Tell Me: What's a fun childhood memory you have of yourself with your parents?

When I think of childhood I think of California. My family lived there until I was 9 so my brain compartmentalizes all my memories in 9 year segments.

Often times on the weekend you'd find my family outside playing in the yard. I remember my dad giving us rides in the wheelbarrow. We'd all get to take our own turn being pushed around in the little bucket. While we waited for our turn mom would push us on the swingset or watch as we tried to cross the monkey bars. I love watching old family videos because it just so happens we have a little bit of all of us playing outside together.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Question #5 Kiss me baby one more time

Asked by Merrianne (who is full of life and knows how to live it up!)

Question #5
When was your FIRST KISS????? And DID you LIKE it?

Oh this is a fond memory for me! My first kiss was at the age of 13. I was "going out" with this handsome young lad that lived down the street from me. It was a first for the both of us and we weren't exactly sure how to make it happen. We had met up after school and gone rollerblading. We took a little break (so we could sit down) on the side of the elementary school nearby but neither of us could work up the nerve to make it happen (though passing notes in school we both knew it was going to happen soon!).

A few days later we met up again and went for a walk this time. After an hour or so we were back on my front porch and it had gotten dark. I was hoping so badly it would happen. We both stalled (not leaving) as long as we could but nothing was happening so he said he needed to go. Then he took my hand and pulled me to the side of the house. We stood there face to face not moving. I really wanted him to make the first move but I was dieing to kiss him. Then he said, "So, uhm should I lean in or should you?" (I hadn't realized how nervous he was too.) So we both agreed we'd both lean in and we had a cute little 7 seconds long kiss. (Ok I'm not positive about how long it lasted but I do know for sure I wrote down in my journal, haha.) So to answer your second question, yes I liked it. I thought it was a fantastic first kiss!!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Question #4 In my little blog world

Asked by Kristina P (who is hilarious in real life and on her blog! --and has a little crush on Joel McHale)

Question #4
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Since this is my game I'm making an executive decision that I can give two answers.

a)I love love love it when people comment on my blog. Validation of something I've done? Oh, yes I get that ALL the time as a mother ("eww I dont want to eat that!") I feel like people like me, or at least that they're interested enough in what I am saying or who I am to say hello. (Which, lets be frank. I love to get virtual 'pats on the back'.)

*Image used from Kristina P's blog (you can get one there too if you'd like).

When I first started blogging I'd lurk all the time and I remembering having the thought, "I can't comment on so&so's blog because they wouldn't want me intruding." Haha. But now I figure, if it's out there in cyber land people want to be noticed and loved. So now I try comment everywhere and love when others do the same.

b)Making new friends & and getting back in touch with old ones I haven't seen in a while. There's also an added bonus. People usually talk about things on their blogs that generally don't come up in a typical conversation. You don't get a lot of this stuff in the few minutes you get to visit on the phone or sitting in the PTA meeting. You get to find that kind of stuff out from people who blog. Plus I think because there is a lot of back and forth, great posts, supporting comments, etc you start to build friendships that are very dear.

Since starting this blog (as opposed to my family blog where mainly only my already close friends and family post) I've been able to expand my circle of friends and build the ones I already had. Like Victorias stories of the countless missionaries that have stayed at her house (even when she already had a house full of 7 kids), or Grammee's stories of moving to a new state and getting to be nearer to dear grandchildren, or Rochelle's adventures dealing with her miracle baby girl and busy boys, or Jenni's fantastic success with her weight loss. For me, I need the friends. The connection to people who I can/want to relate to. The attention. The love and support. And this blogging is a great way to get a daily dose of that.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Question #3-Pencil me in.

Asked by Ducksfly2gether (Who was my freshman/sophomore college roommate. Good times, goodtimes!)

Question #3:
I'm trying to figure out how you do EVERYTHING you do! What's your typical schedule these days?
Um honestly I'm not completely sure. It varies from day to day as to what I leave out and what I need. So my hubby has been getting some work out of town lately, which translates to mean I do it all alone and some days I physically just can't keep. When I finally get the kids tucked in my brain jumps in to overdrive of everything that must get done and things that need to get done. Without drowning you details here's a peek at my week.

7:30-wake up (try not to bump into walls)
8:15-on way to school (one gone, two to entertain)
8:30-off and running (mark a few off, add a few on to the list)
5:00-dinner (is anyone gonna eat what I made?)
7:00-get ready for bed (spill water while brushing teeth)
7:30-kids in rooms (though yelling for mom)
8:00-mommy free time (HA, I mean continue to wrangle kids for a few hours, promise yourself you'll be in bed by 10, realize it's past midnight, wrap up projects, force self to bed just in time to do it all over again.)

And somewhere in there I throw in a little blogging and a little facebooking because honestly I need the adult interaction and a way to wind down. (So thank you friends of the internet.)

Ok really though, life seems a lot more busy than that. Though doesn't it always. As you might hear me refer to myself often times, "ask me what time it is, I'll tell you how the clock works". Here's a few of the details. :)

Errands, Grocery shopping
Preschool with 3 y/o
Family Home Evening

Babysitting swap with neighbor
Preschool with 3 y/o (find sittter for little guy)
Piano (for 6 y/o)

Volunteer in daughters 1st grade classroom (this is why the swap is handy)
Cherubs (Kids music group)
Babysitting nephew/niece
Clogging for 6 y/o

Work on larger projects
Fill in any apts or what not that come up

Free day


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Wordless Wednesday: We still haven't seen much

(Photo taken by me in Dec 2008)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tell Me: Do you add a little A or P to that M?

Are you a morning person or night person?

I would classify myself as a night person. I enjoy putting the kids to bed, sticking in a movie and having time to do my own things. However I discovered recently, my husband would much rather run errands in the afternoon (any time after lunch), while I prefer to run errands in the morning (right after breakfast and be home by lunch). While I don't enjoy getting up really early in the morning, I do enjoy getting a lot of things done first thing in the morning.