Friday, December 11, 2009

Questions #6 & 7 Secrets and Favorites

Question #6
Asked by Nena (who tells the most fabulous stories.)
Do you have a lot of secrets?
No. I find I'm not a fan of drama so I tend to bow out of things that create it, like secrets. Even silly ones like Birthday surprises. I get so excited I can't hold it in and I have to tell (I dont know if my hubby has gotten very many gifts from me he hasn't known about, haha).

Question #7
Asked by Olivia (Who is fabulously creative and has an eye for fashion.)
I want to hear about some of your favorites. Fav food, drink, candy, music, book, family activity That sort of thing.

food~French Fries, is that too obvious? How about Chicken. I LOVE chicken.
drink~Diet Coke
candy~I just discovered a new one, Reeses Clusters
music~I don't get a lot of chances to listen to the radio so I'm really not up on any new music. I love piano music and alot of kids of instrumental music. I steal my hubby's or friends music to work out to though so I do hear some
book~Mandy by Julie Andrews (from my childhood)
family activity~Pizza Parties. We get to have a picnic in the living room (the kids insist on sitting on a blanket or tablecloth to make it an actual picnic) and watch a movie. They always look forward to our Friday nights.

A few others I thought of:
restaurants~Most any :)
activity to unwind~lunch with girl friends
flower~Calli Lily
dessert~cheesecake (homemade)
Jamba Juice flavor~Razzmatazz or Mango A Go Go (I need another taste test, anyone up for going out?)
family vacation~Disneyland!
(which by the way this picture comes from my 'let me introduce myself' post)

**Want to play along? Do you have any questions for me? Go ahead and ask me here!


Rochelle Brunson said...

I am not a secret keeper either. I can't keep it in! I tell my husband EVERYTHING....which is probably good and bad.

Olivia Carter said...

I'm not a secret keeper & I hate drama too. It helps that I'm terrible at lying. No really. Terrible.

Thanks for answering my question! It's fun to get to know more about you!

Anonymous said...

I love Calla Lillies too! That was my bouquet for my wedding.

Also, a GREAT flavor at Jamba Juice (if you like mango) is Carribean Passion. SO DELICIOUS!

Jenni Elyse said...

I don't like to keep secrets either. Corey's known about all his presents too.

I'm always up for a trip to Jamba Juice. ;)

Barbaloot said...

Mmkay-how have I not heard about these Reeses Clusters? I'm sure I'd love them.

And also, I LOVED Mandy! Clearly we had great taste as girls since we read so many of the same, random books. How crazy is that? And I never paid attention to who wrote it....not THE Julie Andrews is it?

Nena said...

LOL! Thanks for answering my very intrusive question. I tend to keep secrets but that's because people tell me not to tell anybody and then I forget, hahaha.

Unknown said...

I just read this while drinking a Razzmatazz!! Delish!