Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Opinion Heard!

If anyone is interested (for those I haven't told this before). Here is a legitimate way to make a little dough. I've been involved with this company for the past 5 years.

To me the best part is that they actually send me free things and money! Generally I take surveys that are about 2-5 minutes long--mostly they're just trying to find out if I do enough of whatever they're asking about to qualify for more in depth questions--if so then they ask me to take a longer survey for more money.

Depending on the survey and my answers they might send me things in the mail to try at home and take another survey after I've tried it to tell them what I thought. I've made some money and also gotten some fun free things like laundry detergent, diapers(several packages in fact over the years), cologne and hair care stuff. They sent me a survey and then sent me a product to try out and then I took a follow up survey about it.

If you're interested let me know and I can send you the info. (Don't worry it's not like one of those places that charges you to start up. This is totally free. They just ask you to take surveys.)

*They are always asking for people with kids under 4 so if you fit into this category you'll probably get some good high point surveys soon after singing up.

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Little Crazies said...

Hey Debbie!! Love your new blog! it's awesome and i like that you post about lots of useful things :) thank you! and i would love to know more about this survey thingie that you do... it seems like fun, send some more info this way -