Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bittersweet to say goodbye to this week

I have had a SUPER busy week!

Spent the first few days of the week up in Park City with these fantastic girls! A handful of my dearest friends. This overnighter was a blast. We stayed up until almost 3am chatting and went shopping at the outlets the next day. Didn't find great sales but enjoyed the fabulous company!

Came home for 2 hours and was greeted by tired kids, burnt out hubby a messy house. (Don't get me wrong, I love that my hubby watched the kids for me, I'm just telling it like it is.) I repacked, and the kids and I headed to my parents house so I could have babysitters the next day for this:

That's right it's the Moms Who Make It Conference of '09!

I had a great time getting to hang out with Von and a few other friends whom I met there. Even Nicea DeGering (Good Things Utah) stopped by to talk a little.

The conference was filled with tons of great ideas for moms, creative gals, and entrepreneurs. It was packed full of good stuff. Plus it was held over at Noahs in South Jordan which, seriously, is completely posh! W.O.W.

Check out what we had for dinner. South of the border fajita bar. I love love the condiments and fruit tray. Could that get any cooler?

Came back home and realized that putting off a needed car repair would wait no longer. (Notice I'm missing one of the studs?) With a now low tire it was just a risk I couldn't take so the kids and I ran (well actually drove really slowly) over to Big O Tires to get it fixed.

I had a wedding shower to make it to and I was convinced I was going to miss the party since it was Saturday and sure to be busy. I even came prepared for the kiddos with my laptop, Toy Story 2 and granola bars. Two new tires, 20 new studs and a dohinkee later I was wam-bam -thank-ya-ma'am out of there in 30 minutes. Go them.

Amanda won the JumpStart 3D 3month subscription! Congratulations! Email me so we can get it all set up for ya!


Unknown said...

It was so fun to have your there at the Conference. I think that you are such a freakin' awesome person, and thank you for my lil' swag bag! That was far too nice!!

* said...

Park City & fajita bar...those 2 things are like, wOw! Lucky lady you.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Sounds like a great week!

Jenni Elyse said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! And, your life is just going to keep going for the next little bit. I'm glad I had a chance to be a part of your busy week!

That's awesome it only took your 30 minutes to get your tire fixed. I would expected it to take longer too. I'm glad you didn't miss the shower!

Kayla said...

Sounds like a fun week! I'd love to hear more about the conference!

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

I was trying very hard not to be totally depressed that day. I wished I was there so badly! Next year, right?