Friday, June 11, 2010

Operation Dirty Cotton

Operation Family Fitness week one complete! My husband and I wanted to do some running together this summer so we decided to start getting up early in the morning so we could. The kids come along and play very nicely together, but they started joining in the fun and running laps with us. I think their favorite part though is the sit ups and push ups. Seriously it's the cutest thing I've ever seen watching my little 2 year old trying to pump those suckers out.

Wanna see my new bookmark? My hubby made it a while ago and I made it into a fun little bookmark for myself. Is it weird if it makes me feel sorta....risque (in a fun way) when I use it? Haha. Oh people. I've been reading some fun books lately. I'm doing a 50 book challenge this year and my half way point is coming up. I'm excited to check it out and see how I'm doing so far. I'm thinking I'm a bit ahead of schedule, and that just makes me feel giddy.

Anyone else have cotton trees near their house? We have two about a 1/2 a block away but with the way our house is situated when the wind picks up it comes right down our street and hits the first four houses (ours included). If you dont have to live near them I dare say it looks kind of fun when you see them blowing around, looking like snow in the spring. However let me me tell you, it's rather obnoxious. I love going outside to play with my kids but when I do I end up scratching at my nose the whole time since those evil little pods come twittering down and go right up there.

Obviously this picture has nothing to do with anything but that I think my kid is cute and my husband is funny.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Kayla said...

Oh my! That picture was hilarious!! I like your bookmark too. I usually use a scrap of paper that's near at hand. I think my goal for the year was 60 books, honestly I can't remember because I wrote it down on the computer that died.

Olivia Carter said...

Awesome to see you post, as always. And that lil boy of you gets me everytime!

Violet said...

Haha! That picture is too funny! We live down the street from cottonwood trees too. The kids love the constant 'snow', but the edge of our lawn always looks like it is filled with huge accumulations of lint. How cool that you guys have been working out together in the mornings! :)

Krystal said...

the exercise thing sounds fun.... I have been trying to go walking every day, but this weather has not been too cooperative lately :(

Amber Lynae said...

Cute pictures.

I really need to get up and active every day.

Sorry about the outdoors situation. Hopefully, the trees will stop shedding soon.

PS I am totally jealous of your writers club. :)

Sabrina O'Malley said...

We need to join the family fitness program. I am out of shape, big time. I like the idea of including the whole family. With CG's schedule there is no way I can do it with out them.

Barbaloot said...

Family Fitness Camp sounds awesome. Good for you guys!

And have you weird The Warrior Heir? Good stuff---you should check it out:)

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

As always, you make me happy with your posts. Hated cotton trees when we were in Lehi. Our fence always had at least 2 inches of cotton piled at the bottom during the spring.

I'm thinking you removed a pic of Tarl bec I only see your cutie boy on here.

Can't wait to read some book reviews from you.