Monday, October 17, 2011

Marriage Monday: Habits to Cut and Habits to Nourish

I'm so glad to be back on track. It's been busy around these parts and I've thought often about you sweet folks who always were so nice to check in on my Marriage Mondays. Here's a quick one for you all to get us going again.

Cut out these seven bad habits and be sure to nourish these seven caring habits.

Deadly Habits:
  1. criticizing
  2. blaming
  3. complaining
  4. nagging
  5. threatening
  6. punishing
  7. bribing

Caring Habits:
  1. supporting
  2. encouraging
  3. listening
  4. accepting
  5. trusting
  6. respecting
  7. negotiating your differences

What are your thoughts?
Would you consider writing one or both lists to use as a visual reminder to cut out/encourage these behaviors in your relationships?

Information from this post was found in
Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage
by William Glasser , Carleen Glasser

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