Monday, January 30, 2012

Marriage Monday: Positive choices, actions & feelings

POSITIVE ACTIONS that result in 

"The same principle applies to marriage. When I choose to have a positive influence on my wife, regardless of how I might feel, my positive choices lead to positive actions that result in positive feelings--for both me and my wife. Choosing to implement the power of positive influence is good for your own mental health, in addition to the positive impact it will have on your spouse."
"Where do we begin? Perhaps you can identify with the woman who said to me, 'Our marriage has been so dysfunctional for so long, I don't know where to start.' The first step in any positive change is to recognize and acknowledge that you have a choice."

Can you think of a time when you've consciencely made an effort to 
choose to be positive?

What can you do now, so that when you are faced with the need to choose (to be positive) you will be ready?

Quotes in this post are from The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman (Author of the best-selling The Five Love Languages)

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