Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Club: Everneath (Special Guest Brodi Ashton)

For book club this month we hosted author Brodi Ashton for her book Everneath. I have been looking forward to having Brodi as the guest of honor at my book club for a while so I was thrilled when the night was finally here and I got to see how all of our plans came together! My friends have serious talent people. Let me highlight them for you. :)

Dinner was The Soup Kitchen (from scenes in the book) where we feasted on homemade soups, salads, bread sticks, artichoke dip and more.

The dining room was the Park City High, home of the Miners. These are home made lockers (made out of cardboard. How cool, right!? --Shauna I'm still in awe!) that are of course near the drinking fountain where Nikki ate lunch everyday while she knitted.

The party favors part 1 by Dano: Filled w/ seed packets so we could create our own 'evermore', crackled guitar pics, candy and cinnamon bears (Brodi's favorite treat). 

After dinner we played games. This was part of our 'purse game' where we had scenarios dealing with the book places/characters and had to get ourselves out of a sticky situation using only the items in your purse.
"Cole is screen printing at the park city TShirt company and has run out of supplies. AND his tools have all broken. He’s got a large order of custom shirts to fill in the next few days. Whats a guy to do?" 
(You may note that there is an actual screen--we were at Christie's house so we gave her some leeway with the props she used. Haha!)

This one was pretty hilarious.
Becks dad is running for Mayor. Make a catchy campaign poster using items you have.
Emily & Dano did a great job complete with an actual parade cheer around the room and noise makers. (And yes that is a sanitary napkin used as an adhesive.)

Or here's one more just for fun:

 Jacks brother Will is drunk again and needs to be occupied in the backseat so he doesn’t throw up while they try to get him home. How would you entertain him with items from your purse? 

Party favor part 2: Actual water bottles from THE Park City High School. Our own Fancy Nancy drove up and got us each our very own!

We also played a great game of Mad Libs Persephone -style created by Shauna. We went around the room naming the fill-in-the-blanks (it's best to go crazy and wild with this) and then read the story aloud for us all to laugh at. Brodi's posted it on her blog if you're interested. 

And of course the group shot with all the party folks! 
(Aka: the best book club in the world!) 

And if you look closely behind the row of those standing you will see our 
black curtain ala entrance into the "Everneath". 


Tess said...

Such fun! you guys are amazingly creative...the detail in this blows my mind.

Olivia Carter said...

So bummed I missed it but it looks like a blast!

Jenni Elyse said...

You have so many awesome pictures from this party! I'm glad you got some. I didn't even think about it while we were there until the end. Glad that people can live vicariously through your post. :)

Jenni Elyse said...

PS--Do you mind if I steal some of them and add them to my post?

Cranberryfries said...

@Tess it such a group effort it makes it really fun!

@Olivia you were missed alot!

@Jenni I have been forgetting my camera so much lately I was glad to have it this time. & ABSOLUTELY!

Laura Howard said...

Hi Debbie! We "met" years ago through the Gutter at the Lex... I can't believe I found u again on Twitter! How small is the world?!? Anyway it's nice to see a pic of u and Nena still partying hardy!! Xoxo