Monday, October 22, 2012


So I'm relatively young in the whole 'start screening for breast cancer' thing. I'm 30 and the recommended age is 40 for annual tests.
Yet today, because of my mom who passed away last month, and other things that have happened recently,
 I went in to get my very first mammogram. 

 And you know what? As much as I've heard about them, it really wasn't all that bad. Ok it IS a bit squishy. Or a lot. But a few seconds of squishy goodness is totally doable. Sure it's not like it's a cake walk, but it's certainly nothing to be afraid of 
or put off because of ______ (fill in your blank). 
Because bottom line, early detection could make a world of difference. 

So go do it ladies. It's worth it.


Mame said...

I always smile for my mammograms! It's quite a ridiculous situation really, all squished, wearing some silly drape, so why not smile? It certainly couldn't do any harm.

Jenni Elyse said...

I had my first one a couple of years ago. I was having a weird discharge and they wanted to make sure all was good. My test results came back okay. And, like you said, the mammogram itself wasn't that bad. :)

Olivia Carter said...

I haven't had one yet but it's something I really believe in. Good job taking the plunge and reassuring me about it!

Jessica said...

Hugs to you! I'll be right there with you--my doctor wants me to start getting mammograms at age 30 because of my mom, too. It's because of a routine mammogram that my mom's cancer was caught so early, so I feel pretty strongly about them too.

Camiba said...

I had to have an ultrasound done recently to diagnose a lump. Thank goodness it's benign. No squishy though. ;)

Heidi said...

Amen sister!

Unknown said...

It really isn't so bad. I've had two ultrasounds and one mammogram because of a lump that is still there, but it appears to be a cyst because nothing could be seen in either test. Still, I would rather KNOW than WONDER. Not knowing is always worse for me.

Good for you for being brave and for encouraging others as well. *hugs*