Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PaperBack Swap

So it's been around for a while but I just found it. 

Here's how it works. You sign in, list a handful of books you're willing to swap and you get 2 credits (to start). You can go browse for books you'd like and use your credits. When others find books in your shelf that they want they request them. Each book you mail (and they receive) you earn another credit. You can then use those credits to request books of your own.

It's free. You just pay to ship your book (generally about $2 a book for medial mail) and it's yours to keep or list again and swap with someone else. Then when you request a book, they send it to you for free!

It's especially helpful if like me, your town library doesn't offer a huge selection. Also if you like to take your time reading and the library deadlines always come too fast. Plus it helps if you don't like to spend lots of money on a book.  This really helps clear out some of the books on your bookshelf...oh and then collect new ones. :) And if you really can't find anything you're in the mood to request, there is an option to buy to give you great discounts on books using those same credits.

I signed up about two weeks ago and have already mailed out a few handfuls of books and requested a few of my own.

Something fun to consider if you're a book lover like me.

Click here to sign up or learn more. 
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Or go to
and use "Cranberryfries" as your referral. 

Anyone else use this too?

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Kayla said...

Huh, cool! I'll have to pass this along to my sister that lives in a small town. Her library is at least a decade behind in purchasing.