Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reading Report May 2014

June was Audiobook month
My guiltly pleasure :)

Just so happened I went on daily 1-2 hour long walks in May so I listened to several on audio (which would have worked out beautifully if I'd actually gotten this posted up in June, haha). I also have a goodreads shelf here: Cranberryfries Audiobook listens.

 What I read in May 2014

Between the Lines by Tammara Webber
Young Adult, Contemporary

Emma just landed the lead role in a new big film opposite the fan girls favorite Reid. He's got a past to deal with and she's new to the lifestyle and trying to balance her old life. Plus there's Graham, another costar. 

An interesting story line perhaps but for me but I felt  the dialogue and plot movements were too watered down. Big (adult) themes for a book that couldn't hold my interest as an adult.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Fiction, Contemporary, Adult

Lou is very content in her very ordinary life. So when she loses her job it shakes her world. 
Wills forced into his ordinary life and he's done with it. 
But Lou meets Will. And Will starts to laugh again. 

I had a riot of emotions through this book. I love Lou. I loved this story telling.  I think I'm at an age/time in my life that I could appreciate (to more of a degree I could have 2 years ago) so much the quality of life aspect Will is forced to live everyday. Certainly made me ponder on life.

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Middle Grade, Classic

Sam moves to his grandfathers old land to live off the earth. He must find all the necessities; food, water, shelter, on his own.

I bought this to read with my daughter but she wasn't interested at the time. A fun look though at what life is like trying to do it alone. Perseverance. Optimism. Risks and chances. 

The Rent Collector by Camron Wright
Historical Fiction, Culture

Ki and Sang live in a village in a dump with their small, sick baby. Everyday they sift through the garbage for recyclables to earn money.  The Rent Collector demands the rent though the family has recently suffered some major hurdles. 

This book was recommended to me several times and my step mom even handed me her copy and it sat on my dresser for a few months. I just couldn't muster the interest. However it was our bookclub pick so I finally read it and LOVED it! The first 1/4 of the book was difficult to muddle through (because it's just hard to read about how desperate they are), but so worth it as it's a beautifully told story.

When It Happens by Susane Colasanti
Contemporary, Young Adult 

Sarah and Tobey are Seniors so they have a big year of figuring out what is next and of course it's high school so who to date.

I've read a couple from her before and they were ok. I like stories that have two  narrators. This one was interesting because we get specific information we clearly couldn't have gotten from only hearing one side. However this one honestly annoyed me. So cliche' and extreme in places it made me roll my eyes.

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

A look into how Wall Street used to be and how it changed with the knowledge of what the internet really was capable of. 

This is the author that wrote Money Ball so I was intrigued about reading another book from him. Given that I know nothing about stocks and trading I was a tad confused at first but this book was incredibly fascinating! It highlights a few key players in the different firms in the exchange so we get a bit of their story and their working history and also how the market changed so drastically in the last several years.

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
Young Adult, Contemporary

Emily and Sloane are best friends who knew how to have a lot of fun together. Only, one day, there's no trace of where Sloane has disappears to. Only a to-do list she left behind for Emily. They're just crazy enough Emily believes that if she finishes each one it'll help her find Sloane.

Morgan Matson is one of my most favorite authors ever. (If  you know me, you know this, as I recommend her books to everyone.) She has deep, quirky, totally everyday characters coupled with fun, wild, totally everyday plots. I enjoyed this one.

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf
Contemporary, Suspense

One very early morning Callie (a selective mute) and best friend Petra have been discovered missing. Callie's mother Antonia denies it could be her husband but now fears that her choice to stay married has cost her her daughters voice. 

A good cast of characters that all have a deep story. An interesting read even though it was a bit dark. I liked this one.

When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Fiction, Contemporary

On an ordinary day Nathan finds a newborn baby in the woods, rescuing it. The baby's sent off to his grandmothers and Nathan asks that one day he can meet the boy.  Years and years later Nathan assumes his request ignored or forgotten when a boy and a suitcase show up on his doorstep.

This was such a bizarre story line to me but completely fascinating. The story spans almost a lifetime which could be difficult for some authors but I felt Hyde did a good job with it. I liked this one.

The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan
Historical Fiction, Culture

Wininie and Helen know each others deepest secrets. Helen thinks herself to be dying so she wants to tell all but Winnie believes it's her right to tell her daughter the secrets of her past.

Read this one quickly for book club. The discussion was fascinating and I'd like to reread this one and give it more attention the second time through.

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