Monday, January 26, 2015

Marriage Monday: Things Happy Couples Do

Dr. Jim Walkup, LMFT discussed seven things that happy couples are often found doing.  Click on over to read the full article here. (Or copy/past the link found at the bottom.)

Spend time together. 
It's crazy how fast this one can slip away. Our time is pulled in a bunch of different directions and sometimes if we don't make it a priority to focus, to spend one on one time together our interest and devotion can fall away. It's an easy one though!! Schedule it in. Take off together. Carve out some time. However you can.

Know your partners love language.
It's common we love the way we want to be loved and those signals are missed because our partner doesn't see or understand it the same way. Invest a few minutes and figure out each others love languages.

Committ to 20 second hugs, twice a day.
Physical touch can do wonders for those endorphin's!

And I love his parting point. Focus on what you want to see more of. Compliment instead of criticize. Put your efforts into positive changes instead of digging deeper and cementing the negative.

Click the link to read the rest of this great article!
You can find his full article by Dr. Jim Walkup on the Huffington Post here.

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