Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Club Party with Ally Condie Spotlighing Atlantia

Several years ago my bookclub had the lovely Ally Condie as a guest author to highlight her book Freshman For President (it was a fun one I got to help plan). Since then we've been adoring fans of all her books and had her as a guest for her series Matched.  Last week she kindly invited us to a party to thank us for being so fun. We couldn't not turn it into another great party, this time for Atlantia. 

Atlantia by Ally Condie

Atlantia is a stand alone young adult novel about a young siren who has chosen to not reveal her true identity to her underwater community. She's always wanted to go to the above but without explanation she's left below with no more family. With nothing to lose she starts formulating a plan to finally get what she's always wanted, to see the sky.

We had a great discussion on the book and got to ask questions and hear answers straight from the Ally. I even asked one, but you'll have to ask me since it's kind of a spoiler if you haven't read the book.

Here's a few pictures from our party:

My friend Brook and Ally did fantastic with the decorations and goodies.
(Notice the poster? Big and little details everywhere.)

Representing both the Atlantia underwater and the above.

We each brought a favorite read from last year and wrapped them all in beautiful brown packaging. We then each got one and got to open our surprise book while we listened to each other tell why we chose that one to share.

Aren't they pretty?

The group! As always we go all out.
(Can you spot the blue bats flying above us??)

These decorations! The delicious goodies! Seriously Brook & Ally did a fabulous job.

The beautiful cake by Meagan.

The details!

Drink stirrers by gnomesweetgnome etsy shop.

Ally had a fun gift for each of us. A jewel and a shell (pictured below). 
Book coordinating goodies, cool!

Some members of our bookclub love to give gifts. Tonights was a calendar of gorgeous ocean pictures.

Jenni, Jamie, Ally, me.

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bedelia said...

I just got this from the library yesterday. I just need to hurry and finish my current book. Excited to read this.