Friday, June 19, 2015

Reading Review April 2015

What I read in April 2015

Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend 
by Katie Finn
YA, Contemporary 

Gemma gets dumped by her long term boyfriend at the beginning of what was going to be a packed summer with him. Her plans ruined, she begrudgingly goes to the Hamptons with her Dad. The last time she was there was one of the worst times in her life, she's hoping not to repeat it. 

I was disappointed I didn't like this book. I like the author and had hopes. I thought it was superficial with no redeeming value. The bad and evil was so extreme and I always trying to guess a few steps ahead (and I was right). I realize this is a series but I felt like there was too much destruction to want to try to keep reading. I will try another by this author but not in this series.

One Plus One 
by Jojo Moyes
Adult, Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Jess is doing her best to make ends meet, even just trying to make enough to keep the electricity on. Her daughter is invited to a prestigious, but expensive school. Even with the offer of a generous scholarship she can't figure out a way to make this dream come true. Then there is a math competition a few hours away, and if they can make it, this may just be the answer. In a weird turn of events practically a stranger Ed drives the family across the country. 

Fabulous. Engaging. Sad, funny, crazy. Jojo Moyes really writes masterpieces. This is my third book and so far I've loved them all. The characters are deep and brilliant. The plot is fun, real and raw. And the story telling is masterful. I've got two more Jojo Moyes books in my tbr pile, looking forward to pick them up soon!

by Julie Andrews Edwards
Childrens, Contemporary

Mandy is a young orphan in a home for girls. One day during her explorations she finds an old run down cottage. She looks forward to fixing it up and having something of her own.

This was one of my most favorite books as a kid, in fact my copy is practically falling apart. I figured it was time for a reread. I'd recommend this for the young reader, elementary to early jr high age.

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