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What I read in October 2015

What I read in October 2015

All Joy and No Fun 
by Jennifer Senior
Non fiction

Written by a journalist, this book includes stories that try to answer: what are the effects of children on their parents? Senior theorizes that the great amount of change in the last 50 years has drastically put into question just what is the role of today's mothers and fatheres. 

This was a fun look at an interesting theory. Though many of the examples given weren't specifically relatable to my current environment, parenting styles, values or beliefs I enjoyed getting a view into the examples of parents and family's that she studied.  

David and Goliath 
by Malcolm Gladwell
Non fiction, Psycology 

When the odds are stacked against them, what actually works that makes the underdog victorious? Gladwell shares a compelling collection of stories to see if there are similarities in attitude, resources, will power and more.

Fascinating and fun. Read this one for book club and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.  I loved it so much I am itching to pick up another one of his. I think I'll try Outliers.

by Rainbow Rowell
Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance

A diehard fan of a popular book, Cath has been writing fanfiction for years and now has her own, very large, following of her own. Now off at college, out of the house, a roommate, heavier classes to keep up with, Cath still can't let go of the fictional world she's been so immersed in for so long.

I have read others by Rowell so I wanted to try to this one. It was a well crafted story with deep characters and a few good plot twists. I just didn't love it, just not my style. If you like Rowell though, certainly give it a go. 

Maybe Not 
by Colleen Hoover
Adult, Romance, Novella

A companion novella (very short story) of Maybe Someday, this story follows Warren and roommate Bridgette. Warren is excited to have a hot girl roommate but they fight like crazy. 

I loved Maybe Someday so much I picked this one up without thinking about it. Only after I started it did I realize it wasn't what I was hoping. Warren and Bridgette were my least favorite characters in the last story and this one was obviously all theirs. And it's basically just them hooking up.

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
by Robin Sloan
Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction

After losing a few jobs Clay finds himself working at Mr. Penumbra's Bookstore. He quickly discoveries it's an odd little place and the longer he's there the more mysterious it is. The customers, the books, even the bookkeeping. The more he uncovers the more questions he has.

Kind of unlike anything else I've read. It certainly wasn't what I expected even getting into it a few chapters. If you're looking for something different pick this up.

Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear
by Norma Fox Mazer

When you have an older sister it's easy to feel like everything you want, she gets. And then on top of that sometimes you're friends with your sister and sometimes you're not. 

My (middle child) daughter and I got this at our school's Scholastic Book Fair. We read it together. There were a few parts she laughed out and loud and a few parts I was seriously questioning why the author chose to include something in a childrens book. Just ok. 

The Rithmatist 
by Brandon Sanderson
Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA, Steampunk, Mystery

Joel knows all there is about being a Rithmatist. He reads and study's and even sneaks into classes so he can learn more.  So when students start disappearing from campus Joel helps a professor try to crack the case.

I really needed to finally read a Brandon Sanderson novel (I have a lot of friends whose opinions I trust that enjoy his books) so I picked this up and fell in love. I've been so nervous to try his others (like MistBorn or Elantris since I don't totally love heavy fantasy) so I was thrilled when I could follow along and enjoy this one!

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