Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saving your time

Feeling overwhelmed with checking all your favorite blogs or keeping up with 'returning the kind gesture' with those that check yours? A semi new application from blogger is VERY helpful in saving you time.

The idea is that you add your favorite blogs (or any that you'd like to keep track of) to your follow list. When your friends update their blog blogger adds it to the list. Instead of having to click on 30+ blogs to see if any of them have changed, you can quick as a glance see that out of 30 people that I follow, only 2 have updated. Read below to find out how.

Using the picture above here is how you do it.
Item #1 On your blogger dashboard is a list of blogs you have. Directly below that is something that looks like this, a Reading List. Item #2 shows a list of all the blogs you are following. Item #3 shows you who has updated their blog and how long ago. Item #4 is where you can go to add blogs to follow (click on 'add' and enter their url.) The alternative to to this is to add a click on someones 'follow this blog' link. This will automatically add their blog to your list.

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