Thursday, June 2, 2011

Literacy Week

I LOVE my kids preschool! For participating in Literacy Week (three months or so ago) each of my preschoolers came home with a book and a toy. We had to read 15-20 minutes everyday for an entire month. Something we were more then excited about. We picked The Boxcar Children and read it together every night before bed. It's been a fun tradition for us all to read chapter books together. Talk about a fun way to encourage them to love reading.

(This is my kids just being goobers.)


Olivia Carter said...

So awesome! we just signed up for the library reading program- the kids are SO EXCITED!

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

I love that they got Dr. Seuss characters. I also love toys/puppets that go with books. I'm the Primary Pres. this year and I got a stuffed turtle to send home with a different family each Sunday with a backpack filled with scripture cards. I found several sets here: The kids have loved 'Scripture Turtle' and report on his visit to their house each week. They add souvenirs, like sunglasses, buttons/pins, and a silly band too.