Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage Monday: Hand in Hand Combat

Not your ordinary hand to hand combat
Consider holding hands with your spouse when you have a tough decision, disagreement or important matter to discuss. The physical closeness may help you remember to be calm in your approach and understanding in your listening.

There may even be other side effects like keeping your voice at a moderate level, looking each other in the eye, giving each other your complete attention, etc. Can you think of others?

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Misty Moncur said...

What a totally sweet idea!

Cranberryfries said...

Thanks Misty!

VampBard said...

We like to sing together when we have difficult decisions or discussions ahead of us. Since we harmonize, it brings us closer and connects us in a way that is meaningful to both of us.

Cranberryfries said...

Wendee thats awesome! What a fun way to connect and ease some of the difficulties. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it!

Corine Moore said...

My husband and I are always holding hands. If we begin to have tension while talking and holding hands, one of us may pull a hand away. And then, even if I am upset with him... I miss his hand, so I want to have peace and get it back! LOL We both do, so we hold hands again, and it really does help to soften the heart. Great advice!
Corine :D