Monday, December 12, 2011

Marriage Monday: Attitude

"Most athletes would agree that winning is ninety percent attitude and ten percent hard work. If that is true in the world of sports, it is certainly also true in the world of relationships. What we think largely influences what we do. In turn, our actions greatly influence our emotions. This connection between attitude and actions opens a door of hope for all couples.
The most common mistake couples make is allowing negative emotions to dictate their behavior. By failing to recognize the power of a positive attitude, they fail to achieve their marriage's highest potential.
Circumstances are neutral--or at least they're common. Therefore, it is not what happens to us but how we interpret what happens to us (our attitude) that makes the difference between success and failure."
Gary Chapman

Things to think about (or discuss & comment on!):

Is it easy changing your attitude from negative to positive? (How about a positive to a negative?)

Does hearing this make you want to try harder the next time you feel yourself having a bad attitude?

What are ways you've found that have worked to help change your attitude?

Do you think being around someone with a positive attitude is contagious? (How about a negative one?)

Quotes in this post were found in The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman (Author of The Five Love Languages)

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VampBard said...

I have found that when I'm having a really negative attitude about some aspect of my relationship with my spouse that I need to write it out. I'll open up a word doc, and start typing. Usually, eventually, I'll realize that I'm being 1)selfish, 2)childish, or 3) just plain negative and spin the direction of my thoughts and attitudes. I never save the document once I've changed my thinking. Sometimes...when that doesn't work and I absolutely, positively MUST communicate with another individual about the issue, I will write a trusted friend that knows everything about the situation. Again, I usually self-diagnose my attitude and say (out loud!) what I have to do to change it. I think it's an accountability thing...

Jenni Elyse said...

Great post today. Attitude does make a huge difference, I think in all walks of life. I know it's one of the largest areas that I need help with. Being a pessimist doesn't always help the attitude, lol. But, as I've slowly been trying to work through those pessimistic viewpoints, I've noticed that my attitude has changed and made things a lot better. And, I know it's definitely affected my marriage in a good way.