Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday: What kind of shopper are you?

Do you prefer to get your shopping/errands done in the morning, afternoon or evening?
Do you always go to the grocery store on the same day of the week?

Q1: I am a morning shopper all the way. It just seems the cashiers are a little more friendly and the traffic a little smaller (both on the street and in the stores). I love getting all of my errands finished before lunch. And some stores, if I dont make it there before lunch then I wait until the next day because I dont want to fight the crowds (like the grocery store on certain days).
Q2: Yes, I usually try to go on Thursday morning.


Olivia Carter said...

I have NO SCHEDULE! I wish I was better. I like to go in the morning, though I do end up going in the evenings just out of forgetfulness. Ugh. I need to do better!

Kayla said...

When I have to stack errands I do them in the mornings that I don't have to work. Unless it's a week like this week... then all schedules are tossed out the window and I run around like a mad man! :)

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

absoultely i am a day shopper too!! its crazy to be stuck in those lines and jams! :)

your blog is adorable!! following u! follow back if you like :D


Sabrina O'Malley said...

Mornings, my kids are happier and I need to get them home for naps in the afternoon, that makes me happy.

Yes, I almost always go on Thursday. Less crowds but close enough to the weekend to not run out of fun food before.