Monday, January 7, 2013

Marriage Monday: Schedule Marriage Building

With the new year comes the idea that many of us have a renewed sense of bettering ourselves. It's invigorating and exciting and with everyone doing it at the same time (though many of our goals may be different) it's fun to cheer each other on.

May I throw a suggestion into the ring? Schedule, plan and/or calendar a handful of times throughout the year where you'll actually sit down (at least you, with your spouse would be ideal) and do something to be better your marriage. Build it up. Whatever it may be. Twelve times, that's only once a month!

Here's something to help get you started.
(I realize this says Utah, but really anyone can access this.)

If you live in Utah, you can request one free hard copy here,
or anyone can access it by clicking on the above picture.

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