Monday, September 9, 2013

Marriage Monday: 7 Habits of Sexually Satisfied Couples

Todays Marriage Monday is from a post by Kristin Hodson MSC. LCSW., co-author of Real Intimacy.

Talk, talk and talk some more

I cannot emphasize this enough.  I cannot tell you how many calls we would get on the radio from people expressing sexual dissatisfaction, wanting a solution and I’d ask, “have you talked with your partner about this?” and 9 out of 10 times the response would be no.  It doesn’t matter how many “how-to” tips you get from the latest gossip magazine, or how many self-help books you read, the only way to improve your sex and intimacy is to go to the source and talk about things directly with your partner.  If you are not sure how to talk about sex and intimacy with your partner, check out my article 7 Ways to Talk About Intimacy and STILL Remain Friends over on

Approach sex like you do dining

When it comes to food, we allow for a variety of dining experiences without getting bent out of shape or feeling like there is the “right” way or place to be eating.  Just think about the different eating experiences there are.  We have fast food for those moments when we just need to eat because we are tight on time, budget or just are craving something quick.  There is fine dining which creates the mood for longer conversation, slower eating and top notch customer service.  Then you have restaurants, like Chili’s where the menu has something for everybody and it could be a go-to as a place of compromise.  Sex and intimacy are the same way.  Allow your relationship to be open to a variety of intimate experiences, pending on the circumstances.  There are unlimited dining choices.  It’s important to be creative and adaptable regarding your intimacy. Read a more in-depth excerpt from the chapter, “How Sex is Like Dining” from my book Real Intimacy: A Couple’s Guys to Genuine, Healthy Sexuality” 

Find the rest of the habits and read the full article
over at the The Healing Group. 

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*Quotes used with permission from The Healing Group. A big thanks to Kristin for letting me spotlight her article on my blog today.

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