Monday, September 23, 2013

Marriage Monday: Inspiration

I found this article online and thought it'd be fun to share for one of my posts. Every time I read a self-help article I realize not everything works for everyone so keep that in mind and think of how you can apply these or change them to work for you and your relationship. Pick a few to do this week! There are a lot of fun ideas so please jump over to the original article by Janel and read her other great points! Here's the first ten. 

1. Initiate great sex.
2. Send him an email. Example: “Praying for you today. Thanks for being so courageous in [insert specific area].”
3. Give him one night on a regular basis to do something he loves.
4. Consistently mention ways you see him growing to be more like Christ.
5. Ask him about his “bucket list.”
6. Give him a book, audio CD, or ticket to learn about something he loves doing.
7. Ask him about some dreams he has — and pray about them together, evaluating them. Then ask how you can help him go after them.
8. Text him. Example: “REMINDER: I BELIEVE IN U.”
9. Make sure he feels respected by you.
10. Leave sticky notes in his lunch, on his steering wheel, in his briefcase, etc. “So proud of all you’ve been doing with ___.” “You are so great with our kids.” “You are my dream come true.” “You are an incredible lover.”

(Click the link to check out the rest of her list!)

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