Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reading Report 16

What I read from
October 14-November 14

Gallant Lady: 
A Biography of the USS Archerfish 
by Ken Henry and Don Keith
Historical Fiction. War. History

Stories about what role the Archerfish played in WWII and the Cold War. How she sunk the largest ship ever sunk by a submarine. Men lining up to be assigned to serve on Archerfish, and had the Navy's only all bachelor crew.  Also memories from those who were aboard, from actual days out at sea to how they entertained themselves at port. 

I actually picked this up for my husband many years ago and finally got around to reading it myself. History and war buffs would enjoy this one. I liked it but it was rather lengthy for my interest.

Making Faces 
by Amy Harmon
New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Reviewed a few posts back. Read my full review here

I'd recommend this book.

The Autistic Brain: 
Thinking Across the Spectrum 
by Temple Grandin and Richard Panek
Scientific, Non fiction

Incredibly fascinating, this book weaves both scientific studies and her own experiences. She herself has autism and so participated in many many studies through out the years and tried to find the best ways to use her knowledge and skill sets in a way that would help further her education and employment.

If this book sounds interesting to you, I'd recommend it! I've never read anything on the topic of Autism before but I have nieces and nephews on the spectrum so I enjoyed hearing more about the studies and ways to encourage and enhance their abilities.

Jim Henson The Biography 
by Brian Jay Jones
Non fiction, biography

Growing up knowing he wanted to be on television, Jim Henson found a way to make that happen. Fun look on the many projects (Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth) and the folks that worked along side in the studios, puppets and creator shop to bring these projects to life. 

Totally enjoyed this one! Interesting to hear about how each project got started, who's idea it was, how it was presented to finance backers or television shows. And how some of the projects took much longer than expected to get rolling and how the company even came to be. And how it all happened because of the man Jim Henson was. 

The Lucy Variations 
by Sara Zarr
Young Adult, Contemporary

Lucy worked hard to be where she was on the piano concert circuit but after being pushed too far (by her family) she walked away. Now, months later, she is trying to decide if it's what she still wants, if it would make her happy. And if it is, if she'd even be allowed to have it.   

I have read a lot of Sara Zarr books. This is one of the authors on my 'automatic' list. As in, when they write something new I will absolutely read it. With that being said, this wasn't my favorite of hers, but still a good read. I think the topic of turning your passion into a job and still loving it, could be spread/relateable across many artistic subjects and that alone may appeal to many to want to pick this one up. 

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