Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freebie Friday: Essence of Twilight

In honor of this eventful weekend (for some of you) I'm giving away some fun products from
Essence of Twilight

Pictured here is: Edward, Bella, Jacob and Nessie lotions. All with their own unique hand-picked, book-described scents. I also have an Alice body spray.
There is also Edward, Bella, Jacob, Honeymoon and Nessie lip gloss.

I'm going to pick 4 winners. Here's how it'll go down:
First person chosen will get their first choices of scents/flavors of 2 lotions and 2 lip glosses. The second, third, and fourth prize winners will then go in descending order of their choices pictured above. Okey dokey? Yahoo go enter!

To enter:
Leave a comment.

Additional entries:
Check out any of the companies below. I helped contact companies for the giveaways and swag bags for the folks in our theater tonight. These companies all kindly donated their products and I thought it'd be fun to share the love. Come back and tell me anything you learned on their site(s). 2 entries for each site you visit and tell me about. (You can leave one comment I'll make sure to count each entry! For example put +2 for blah blah +2 blabbity blah)

Contest will close Nov 26th and the winners will be posted on my blog. Please make sure to either have your email enabled in your profile or leave it in your post so I can contact you. Thanks!

A special thanks to all the awesome companies for being so cool!!

*I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post from any of the companies listed.
**I know it's Freebie FRIDAY but I wanted to make sure the post came up ok so I'm posting it now a few hours early.


Unknown said...

ooh, Edward and Jacob body stuff...mmm, I think I need it!

Jenni Elyse said...

I think I would do well with having some Edward near by.

The Royal Family said...

I will be visiting some of them but tomorrow since it's not bedtime! :) Cute idea!

Barbaloot said...

Wow-I didn't even know they had scents like that available!

Brie said...

What a fun company! I would love to see what they think everyone smells like. Thanks for the giveaway.

Brie said...

+2 Entries.

I went to Essence of Twilight and was reminded/re-learned that Stephenie describes some of the characters scents. Edward, Alice, and Jacob sound like the most appealing scents to me.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

Before I saw the link on your blog I was dying to see Bella's bracelet and engagement ring given away last night. They are both beautiful and fun. Once again I was reminded/relearned that Bella's engagement ring was gold, not white gold or platinum.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

I ate those delicious chips last night! And by going to their website I learned of more delicious food that I now must try.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

I went to the Charmed website and learned that SLTA is in charge of it. Had no clue about that before. Also, is there a way to buy the keychains on the tote bags, separately? I love some the the keychains on the tote bag, but can't find them under the keychains section.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

I went to Tarl's Scribbles. I love his website. I didn't realize that there were so many types of items that I could by. From a shirt for a dog to a mug. I love it.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

So, I read that you got to read Bree's book early and that you liked it, but I really didn't know what the book was about. I read her little teaser on the website and now I'm definitely interested in reading it.

Brie said...

+2 Entries

I went to Olivia's blog and learned about "animal style" fries at In-N-Out Burger. Never knew they did that!

Andrea Kruse said...

I have no idea what it smells like, but I'm sure it must be good! Plus, I'm a lip stuff junkie.
andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Olivia Carter said...

So, I'm totally not allowed to enter since I got to be elbow deep in this stuff but I did want to let the blogging world that you are the BOMB DOT COM for all the work you put in! Thanks for being so great!

P.S. call me & I'll bring by those extra swag bags on over!

Heidi said...

Thanks for all your work on that. It was a fun bunch of goodies to get. And, randomly, I'm desperately in need of some bookmarks, so it's fun to have some cute ones. I won Edward's scent last night - flowery, yummy. I smelled Jacob's scent - rustic, also yummy. I'm interested in the Alice scent.

Terra Heck said...

I'd love to win for my teenage daughter who is a Twilight fan. Thanks.