Friday, November 27, 2009

Question #1: Fear

Asked by: The Head Eagle over at An Eagles View. (Who has a fun blog about life as a working mom, giveaways/reviews, and life.)

Question 1:
What is one thing you truly fear?

I'm sorta afraid of heights (or better yet falling from huge heights) but I can overcome it for the sake of rollercoaster awesomeness. I'm ok going up into tall buildings but I dont do so hot on ledges. :)

I'm sort of afraid of creepy crawlies, or more importantly, ever having to be faced with the idea of needing to eat one (ala Fear Factory to win $$--that is why I could never ever be on that show).

But truly really? I'm afraid of emergency fires. Not candles, or campfires or fireworks or anything like that. But having to escape a burning building. A save-my-family-and-important-papers sorta fire. I used to lay awake at night, as a kid, devising plans about what I would do/take if my house started on fire. I lived on the second floor with the driveway below my window, not a soft landing, so I was always devising plans to not break my legs and save as much of my stuff as I could.

Hey bloggy friends: What is one thing you truly fear?

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Wonder Woman said...

I can't STAND rodents -- mice in particular. Hate them with a burning passion.

Olivia Carter said...

I am afraid of hillbilly cannibal rapists. No really. Not joking. Seriously crippling fear. You'd think I don't run into them all that much but I pops up everywhere.

And starfish. Those little fingers wiggle around on the back of them. Really freaks me out!

I'm weird. I recognize it.

Jenni Elyse said...

I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm a lot better than I used to be. But, everything I'm afraid points to the major one which is death and the pain involved in dying.

I know there's an afterlife, but I don't really know what that afterlife's going to be like. Am I going to enjoy myself? Is it going to be like church 24/7? I'm really nervous that I'm not going to be happy or like it, but I just have to trust that everything will be okay.

Emily Widdison said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to be a widow young. Just freaks me out.

Hey, where are those other 5 chapters of the dark divine? I read the first one and NEED to read the other ones...I can't find them anywhere. Help!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Hey, Wait...that's me! The Head Eagle! I get the first question answered. That's pretty cool!

My fear is water. Swimming pools and large man-made or natural bodies of water. I don't fair so well on boats. If I can't see to the bottom AND touch the bottom..flat footed, it ain't happenin'

Camie Marie said...

I am frozen with fear if my feet leave the ground more than....5 feet, I have great anxiety attacks near large bodies of water (the beach in California almost drove me insane). I lie awake at night trying to figure out if I should allow a ladder or have an escape trap door put in from my room to my daughters basement bedroom in case there is a fire, and I refuse to clean anything once I've found a spider - dead or alive. Having kids has magnified my fears greatly and adds many to the list. Top of that list...being called home and not getting to raise them or watch them grow.
I'm happy though! Really.

Victoria said...

Losing one of my kids... aaaaahhhh! Shudder shudder!

Kayla said...

Besides bridges? Dying and leaving my husband and kids behind.

Jenni Elyse said...

I just noticed the top picture on this post and I have the hebegebees now. *shudders*