Monday, May 9, 2011

Marriage Monday: I Need Your Help

It was suggested by a few of you that we all collaborate on date ideas (I'm specifically thinking for married couples of any age).

Leave your ideas in the comments below and I'll compile them all in a list, possibly in categories of price ranges or something too. I'll probably throw in some random ones this week too.

Also I know a handful of you have directed me to some fun websites specifically geared to date ideas so if you'd like to leave those too I add those to our page for others to find and use as well.

Thanks you guys!

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Jules said...

Our budget couldn't handle an expensive dinner out so our options were basically fast food. We couldn't agree on which fast food was the best because each restaurant has its strengths. So, why choose? We hit the drive thru's in order and got burgers from one place, fries from another, and shakes from a third.

Cranberryfries said...

I love that idea Jules! Esp because hubby likes the fries best at one place and I like the burgers at another. :)

One of my favorite date nights is scrabble games/tournaments. We'd set up a card table in the living room and bring out all our supplies: board game, dictionary, and treats.

Stephanie said...

We go to bookstores, pick out books for each other, and sit down and read.

I pick dinner spots based on coupons in the mailers. :)

We take turns planning dates so I can choose stuff like a Shakespeare play and he can choose stuff like Cabelas.

Olivia Carter said...

When Scott & I were REALLY poor I took him on a "man date". We went to Best Buy and played some of the games they have sitting out to try, then had burgers. Just stuff he'd really like.

We trade massages for an at home, no babysitter date. We make it all formal, set up a table, towels, time it for 1/2 an hour. LOVE IT!

We love going to the book store. Just wandering around and look at books, magazines, and get hot coco.

I'll keep thinking and come back with some more ideas!

Kristie said...

We usually do pizza from somewhere, and then come home and put on a movie when the kids are in bed.
But I think the most important thing we (try) do is to make time for each other. Whether it is doing something we like to do together, or him going to do something he likes to do, with me doing the same, it makes us better as a couple.
I can't wait to see this list! Wish I had more to add to it.

Jenni Elyse said...

I can never think of "Free" dates. So, here are my date ideas that do cost money:

Mini Golfing

Mandi and Adam said...

I love the blogs and I've gotten lots of ideas from those two sites. Because we always used to end up going to dinner and then shopping for date night, I gave Adam a membership to "The Date of the Month Club" for Christmas. I got the idea from Love, Actually. I chose 12 dates that sounded fun and he assigned each of them to a month and then forgot about them. Each month I plan that date and it's something special and fun. Most of them are really inexpensive. One month we did a fondue night. We had cheese and chocolate fondue with all kinds of things to dip. We got all dressed up and it was really fun. We also just had a game night at home. We took turns choosing a game to play and just played until it was time to go pick up the kids. Another month we played "The Dating Game." He was the eligible bachelor and I pretended to be three different girls. The one he picked determined where we went to dinner that night. For example, I was a cowgirl (Longhorn Steakhouse), a health nut (a little local deli/cafe), and an indecisive girl (a restaurant called Houlihans that has a little of everything on the menu). It's been a lot of fun. I got all three of those date ideas from Love, Actually, I think.

And one thing we do to save money on eating out is get deals in our email. I think they have Groupon nationwide and we get a few others as well. You buy it online and pay like $10 for $20 worth of food or something like that. It's been a great way to save money and get to try some restaurants we wouldn't necessarily try otherwise.

To save on the cost of babysitters we do what you and some of the others in Provo have done and have a group that rotates watching all the kids every week. We've been doing it very consistently since September and it's been awesome!

I'm excited to hear others' ideas too! It's good to get out of the "dinner and shopping" rut.

Cranberryfries said...

Great great ideas you guys! I love how everyone is so good to try something tweaked just for them.

Another fun thing (more for me because I love surprises) is one time I was coming home and Tarl was surprising me by making me dinner. Instead of just an ordinary dinner though he'd turned our living room into an under the sea/tropical theme. He'd put pictures of fish up on the wall and had blue streamers and things and the table was hawaii decorated with coconut shell cups and palm tree things.

I loved it because it was a fun stay-at-home date that only cost a few dollars (in decorations) but just thrilled me because he'd made an effort to do something out of the norm.

Natalia said...

Play tourist: find something touristy in your town (we live in Las Vegas so we have quite a few options) and pretend to be a tourist (millions of pictures and all).

Sabrina O'Malley said...

We often make yummy treats, then swap massages while the other person reads a book out loud.

Rob Caldwell said...

One of our cheapest dates happened a few weeks ago. It was a Tuesday night and we ate at Texas Roadhouse with their early-bird specials. Got outta there for about $20 With the tip of 20%! Then, we went to Movies 8 for $0.50 movie night. So, add in free babysitting from my sister and we made it back spent under $22. Nice! :)