Thursday, January 3, 2013 (Membership Giveaway!)

I keep thinking I need to blog about my continued effort in getting fit and being healthier. So chalk that up to a goal this year. You might remember my earlier posts about my weight loss, (part1, part2, part3). I finished off 2012 with a bang and really enjoyed the programs I did that kept me motivated to workout hard every day. 

I've been wanting to weight lift for SO long. What held me back though was not knowing enough about it. I knew a handful of moves and machines but I felt like, when I heard my friends talk 'today I did shoulders, today I did triceps and biceps' I didnt know enough moves specific to muscle groups that I felt I was being effective when I tried the machines.

I've seen LeanMoms around and when I did some research into the program I knew this was what I had been hoping to find! I needed to learn proper form, exercises and combinations. This is it! I want to get sculpted!

My initial review:
I started earlier this week and I AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE!!! I'm doing the at-home program and I've been so impressed with the set up. Lacy includes a detailed worksheet of the exercises for each day, PLUS a how-to video of each move. You're given access to the program upfront so you have all the information you need before you start so you can get comfortable and knowledgeable before trying it out.

I've poured over this information and there is variety and consistency so I think you'll love it as much as me! There is also a do-able meal plan. For me that is huge. I've always shied away from meal plans because I'm crazy picky but so far I've been really excited that I can handle this one! On top of that there is a great online support group that you can be involved in as much or as little as you want. Everyone is at different stages so it's nice to ask for clarification or suggestions but also throw in my two cents every now and then.

(Click the above image to go to the website 
to learn even more and sign up!)

More specific information: is an online strength training and body sculpting program created specifically for busy women and mothers. Each level is a comprehensive 12-week program designed to help you learn proper strength training and nutrition for a female body to yield great results.
Instead of a fad diet that promises quick (but not lasting) results, LeanMoms gives women the necessary tools to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes to help them feel better about themselves, be stronger and more active for their children, and have a lean, sculpted body they can be proud of.

The LeanMoms program teaches you how to exercise with effective strength training schedules and instructional videos,  and how to eat right with full, detailed meal plans that tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat. This type of program is ideal for the busy mother, because it’s much less expensive than hiring a trainer and can be done on your own schedule—either at the gym or at home.

Lacy, the CEO and founder of LeanMoms, and all the other LeanMoms clients will be cheering you on along the way in the private LeanMoms Facebook group, on group calls, and motivational emails. The private Facebook group is like tapping into a fountain of fitness and nutrition gold. The level of support you receive is like nothing you've experienced before. It's hard to fail when you have this kind of support.

LeanMoms.Com offers three different membership packages to accommodate women at every level.

The Molly 3-Month Membership ($67) includes:
Access to LeanMoms Member’s site
Full, detailed meal plan and shopping lists. 
Soft to Sculpted Level 1 Complete Workout 
Support and healthy advice via e-mail and social media posts from LeanMoms coaches.
Set of recorded downloadable calls to aid you in your success.

The Sophie 6-Month Membership ($147) includes:
Access to LeanMoms Member’s Site
Soft to Sculpted Level 1 Complete Workout Program
Meal plan and shopping lists
Access to private Facebook group
Free access to regular group calls
Weightloss Meditation Program

The Savannah One-Year VIP Membership ($197) includes:
Access to LeanMoms Member’s site
Soft to Sculpted Level 1 and Level 2 Complete Workout Programs
Level 1 and Level 2 Meal Plans
Access to Private Facebook group
Free access to group calls
NEW weekly workout options and recipes
Weightloss Meditation Program
Exclusive discounts and gyms, spas, and other businesses partnered with LeanMoms
10% discount on any LeanMoms merchandise
50% discount on any LeanMom live events

Giveaway: is offering The Molly-a 3 month ($67) membership to one of you lucky Cranberryfries readers for FREE!!!

Yay! We can do it together!!

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Kristie said...

I am trying to get back to the pre-marriage weight that I got to after I had baby #2. It didn't take much, but I am trying to get back there. Kiddo #3 really kicked me off my good habits. :)

Kristina P. said...

Do they offer meals for vegetarians?

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

It's like you read my mind! I've been reading and rereading your posts about your weight loss (mainly posts 2 and 3) and am trying to psych myself into taking the plunge. Like you I've tried so many times in the past but I'm finally ready to make the big changes. I turn 40 this year! I have to get serious about being healthy. Thank you for your inspiration and willingness to share what you've learned! Love ya!

Unknown said...

I'm with you. I know a little, but not enough to feel comfortable in the weight room. I'd love to do this program.

Sophie said...

The program looks fantastic! Thank you fir the giveaway!

Unknown said...

So need to lose the baby love handles I still have from having mercedes. I dont want to lose a ton a weight I Just want to look prebaby again and that means sculpting!!! but hey who doesnt!!!

Anonymous said...

i just read through your 3 posts about your weight look good! i never ever counted calories before until 2 yrs ago i had to figure out what i was doing...eating about 2,000 calories for breakfast! geeeez! since then i am more aware of how much i can eat. it's all about intake and exercise! would love to win! and i know lacy!

Jessica said...

This looks awesome! I want to get into shape but I need serious help with planning workouts. I love the fact that it's geared toward moms and their busy schedules.

Amber said...

I'm working to lose baby weight & a little more.

Melissa said...

I need to try this program for those last few pounds I need to lose. I need something to motivate me to get more fit and quit giving up when i'm almost there!

Lindsay M said...

I want to get back in my lean jeans and be healthy and strong. I just had baby number 3 five months ago.