Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When TV celebrities tweet me

I have a good handful of posts on my blog about a little love I have with Boy Meets World (like here and here and the others here).

So naturally when word spread that the spin off show Girl Meets World was coming out I started gathering all the news from news sites and following the cast on twitter. The beauty of this day and age though is fan mail is a little bit easier to get to your favorite (tweeting) celebrity.

Girl Meets World started filming their pilot last week so of course the cast was all a buzz with pictures and tweets from the set. I tweeted Teo (who plays the older brother to Riley-the girl from the title and Topanga and Cory's son) today asking him what his favorite part was about working with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel and HOLY COW Danielle & Teo both started talking to me!! Fan girl melt down. I have a major girl crush on the lovely Danielle. And can't wait to see what Teo and Rowan have in store for us. Here's a bit of my days excitement yesterday:

 And here's the picture they were chatting about. :)
Teo's picture from Instagram

Rowan tweeted this one of Rider Strong, Sabrina Carpenter, herself (Rowan Blanchard), and Will Friedle. 

Here's a fun article on yahoo that includes most of the pictures I've seen from the cast. Includes a few set shots and a handful of the current and old cast.


Kristie said...

Ok, this is so cool. Can't wait for the show to actually air!
And are you going to try to go to a taping?

Cranberryfries said...

Kristie I want to so badly! My husband even said he looked into getting me tickets for my birthday (which is funny because I did too!) but the cost to fly out there was a bit out of our range.