Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Sooo, yesterday was my birthday. 

I'm a lover of all things association so for turning 31 I decided to do a few fun / dorky things. 
  • I watched Season 3 episode 1 of Boy Meets World. 
  • My morning run was one of my longer ones (I dont go far or fast), a 5k, or 3.1 miles. 
  • I read 31 pages in my latest book. Outside in the glorious sun. 
  • I took a 31 minute power nap. 

Other notable things that didnt have anything to do with the number.
  • Had to renew (and test-since I recently moved to a new state) for a new drivers license.
  • Enjoyed an ADORABLE! song/dance show dedicated to me, by my kids.
  • Got a surprise group dinner date (ate my favorite, Mexican food!).
  • Got a free Froyo (my favorite desert)!

And you know how much I love it when people love my birthday. :) I adored all the phone calls, texts, and emails. And Facebook was awesome, with all my friends giving me shout outs and such. It means the world!

And then there was this too! 
  • 13 (yah, see. I just gotta say it. 31 backwards) super cool tweets from super great people!

Lacy Arnold,, Fitness
Richelle Mead, Author (Vampire Academy)

Danielle Fishel, Actress, Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World

Rowan Blanchard, Actress, Girl Meets World

Jim Brickman, Pianist

Sarah Dessen, Author (The Truth About Forever)

Ally Carter, Author (Gallagher series)

Bertie Ranger, The Bertinator, Fitness

Shannon Hale, Author, (Princess Academy, Austenland)

Lori Harder, Busy Girl, Fitness
Holly Black, Author, (Curse Worker series)

Bree Despain, Author, (Dark Divine)

Sara Zarr, Author, (Story of a Girl)


Jenni Elyse said...

That's pretty awesome that you got tweeted to by all those people. Did you have to solicit your birthday or did they just know?

Also, I'm so glad your birthday was as much fun as it was. I was hoping you went to Baskin Robbins with their 31 flavors and had a pink bubblegum ice cream in my honor. But frozen yogurt works well too. ;) Can't wait to see you next weekend!!!

Christie said...

Holy name dropping Batman! Haha! Kidding. That's pretty cool that you have connected with all those amazing people. Looking forward to more birthday celebrations this weekend. See you soon!