Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reading Report 9

What I read from 
March 3-17

Grow Your Marriage by Leaps and Boundaries by Jerry L Cook
 Self help, Marriage, Non Fiction
 (Reviewed Previously)

Requiem (Divergent #3) by Lauren Oliver
Dystopic, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Told from both Lena's and Hana's points of view. The third in a serious and a good ending to the trilogy.

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon
New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
 This story felt so complete to me. We follow Blue Echohawk as she discovers who she is after being abandoned by her Mother and ending up alone. It wasn't just a quick glimpse though. A full, well rounded, emotional, interesting journey.

Also Known As by Robin Benway
 Mystery, Young Adult, Contemporary
16 year old Maggie has followed and helped her spy-parents on many missions but now she gets her first solo assignment, in a NY highschool. It felt in between middle grade/ YA to me. A quick, easy, fun, mystery when you're in the mood for something light.

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan
Humor, Non Fiction
I listened to this one on audio (which I'd HIGHLY suggest because Gaffigan reads it himself) so it really felt like each chapter was a little routine itself. This book is all about family, parenthood, and the crazy-ness that is children.  

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
 Self Help, Non Fiction
Information and plans on how to make your money work for you instead of you working for your money. Inspiring.

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty
 Young Adult, Contemporary
A fun plot where girls from one school are paired up with boys from another to be pen pals. We get to know their characters through letters. (Lots of language.)

Tigers Curse by Colleen Houck
Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
Kelsey works with tiger Ren to help break an ancient curse. I had a lot of friends like this one, but it just didn't do it for me. (I couldn't get into the characters and relationships and I felt it was way too wordy). 

Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon
New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
I read this directly after finishing A Different Blue because I enjoyed Harmon's characters and writing, and story telling so much. This one was the same. I very complete story that was woven with heart.
Josie and Samuel became fast friends, despite their age difference, when they were assigned to sit next to each other on the bus. 

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Brooke said...

The only one of these I've read is Requiem which I liked (but wish it had more at the ending of course). I'll have to add some of these to my TBR list!