Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crazy May Days--Part 2

You may remember I did a similar post to this last week. This weeks are just as interesting, funny and silly:
  • 10-Mothers day, Lupus day (I've seen this affect my family-interesting stuff), Windmill day
  • 11-Eat What You Want day (I didnt make this up)
  • 12-Limerick day, National Nutty Fudge day
  • 13-Receptionists day (Woot woot! One of my all time favorite jobs!), Root Canal Appreciation day
  • 14-Nothing listed
  • 15-International Day of Families, National Chocolate Chip day (gotta admit I haven't seen this before), National Safety Dose day
  • 16-National Sea Monkey Day
  • 17- NASCAR day, World Telecommunications day
Will you be making something chocolate chip-y on Friday? What sorta things do you throw your chocolate chips in? Brace yourselves. When I make chocolate chip cookies I make a pan or two without the chips and then add some for the rest of my family. I'm just not a fan I guess. I know one gal (coughBrodicough) who likes her cookie/chip ratio to be 1:1, yup 1 cookie:1 chip. What about you?


Victoria said...

I am so happy that tomorrow is Eat What You Want Day. Not that I have exactly been depriving myself, lately...we will just think of it as taking a vacation from the vacation, so to speak.

Unknown said...

My chip to cookie ratio has to be like 50/1. Give me the chips.

We need to start some kind of movement to get the 14th on the calender. Maybe we can make it national SLTA day. Get that idea into Shauna's head and she'll make it happen (or Dano).

Rochelle Brunson said...

I like lotsa chips!! The more the better. My kids like them in pancakes, maybe I'll make a special pancake breakfast! I usually save the pancakes for saturdays.

Cranberryfries said...

Victoria I hope you come back and tell me what sorta of yummyness you indulge in tomorrow!

Christie thats hilarious! I wonder what has to happen to get that going. :)

Rochelle I bet my girls would go for pancakes like that. Whenever I make pancakes they get so excited but then they put them on their plates and eat everything but the pancakes. I gotta try that next time!

Wonder Woman said...

I also like a 1:1 choco. chip ratio. 1 chip per 1 bite. Ü

Cute blog! And thanks for stopping by my place!

bedelia said...

my sister doesn't like chips either. The bacon cookies...weird. I like chips in pie.

Jenni Elyse said...

I like the dough too. I'd rather have no chips and just the dough. If I have chips, though, they have to be milk chocolate. The semisweet or dark chocolate are just to bitter for me.

Corey, however, wants me to put an entire bag of chips in the dough and half the dough recipe! So basically, there's a little dough holding the chips together.

Staci A said...

Love that today is Eat What You Want day-I just might have to take advantage of that!

I think chocolate chip pancakes sound good for Friday, yum!

Cranberryfries said...

I love that everyone has such preferences on their chocolate chips! I never would have guessed.

Just SO said...

I must admit that Eat What You Want Day is pretty much every day around here. Which is why I'm so large. And EW on the bacon and chocolate chip cookies...ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.

Kayla said...

I like lots of chips in my cookies... but they have to be semi-sweet. Milk chocolate chips are a big yuck in my book!

And in honor of Limerick Day here's the one I sent you:

Today I am feeling gigantic
My moods can be often volcanic
My toes, how they swell
My boredom as well
Three weeks left, there's no need to panic!