Monday, May 11, 2009

Potty Humor & Book Giveaway

Clean (I promise) Potty Humor

A few years ago when we were potty training my daughter, hubs and I were in the bathroom getting ready while she was using the restroom. In walks little sister. It was getting kinda crowded so in an effort to give the girl some privacy hubs said, "Let's all go so your sister can poo in peace." To which my oldest daughter replied, "Dad, I already did peace."
I think my hubs got the holidays a little mixed up. Late last night I was getting ready for bed and after ahem*flushing the toilet I am at the sink washing my hands and I see out of the corner of my eye the water flowing into the toilet is VERY much not clear--not even close, it's PINK! It took me about 8 seconds for my brain to kick into gear and I laughed the whole way to back to bed and told him well done. Have you ever seen those bath tablets you throw in with the kids to change the bath water for fun? Just throw it in the back tank. So uhm hubs, Does this mean I should be getting my mothers day gift on April 1 from now on? (Hubby actually did get me a mothers day gift, I'm just always trying to talk him into more presents.)

On a VERY completely unrelated note: I didn't do this yesterday because I forgot until after my kids were in bed.

Remember I was giving away a book? I had my kids pull a winners name and it was...


Congratulations! I'm still waiting to hear back from Sydney (yup the author-she's super nice!) when she'll be able to stop by a book club for us all but as soon I as find out I'll post it so you can put it on your calendar and tell some friends to come with you!


Rachel Sue said...

I just love funny kid quotes!

Melinda said...

I love clean potty humor, totally something my kids would say! haha

Unknown said...

I seriously thought you were going to give away that cool toilet (or at least tell us where we could get a free one!)!!!!!

Just SO said...

Kids crack me up! And that colored water in the toilet would work upstairs but not downstairs...our downstairs toilet is avocado green. I doubt anyone would notice that the water changed colors!

Anonymous said...

ha haaaaaaa!~!

kids say the Darndest things!!! i love it!!! lol

H.K. said...

I love potty humor, especially when it's kids saying them! SO, where do I buy a toilet that has a fish aquarium because I totally want one!