Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

Stared a new book. Shannon Hale's Austenland. (It's one I got signed.) I am loving it so far! Confession: I've never read Pride and Prejudice. Don't start throwing things at me yet. I plan to. Honestly. I'm just gearing up for it. I've seen the Jane Austin Book Club, can I have a few points back?

I hate being spacey. I hate being flaky. So when I am I get angry with myself. I'm the official blog helper for my daughters Kindergarten class. Her teacher and I are trying to get it ready to surprise the other parents. She had to rescheduled with me, and then I rescheduled with her and we finally made an appointment for today. I spaced it. I made it there 40 minutes late and luckily got things worked out but I hate feeling like turd.

Like books? Read Bree hopes so. Bree Despain is counting down to the release of her first book The Dark Divine. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. You might want to try to win a book from a YA author (please tell her I sent ya!).

My kids got in mega trouble this morning (hence a little excuse why I was outta whack and spaced the aforementioned appointment). They got out all of the popsicles and after eating a few (at 6:00am!) they let the rest of them melt all over my house. In the carpet, on the just-mopped-yesterday kitchen floor, on the couch. We thought about grounding them the whole day but then realized we didnt want to police them staying in their room (and we knew it'd just make us all angry the whole day). So hubby gave them some punishment chores, which they mostly did (I mean they're 6 and 3) and I took them outside for a while. Eeeesh. Sometimes my children...

I got this nifty award from my fabulous friend Rachel. It just makes my heart happy. I love getting stuff and how fun to get something sweet like this. The rule to this cool award is to pass it on to some of your friends. I'd like to now present this honor to Gramme, and HK Everyday.


Sara Elizabeth said...

I am hopping over from the Blog-A-Thon. I am trying to hit everyone this weekend (I have a lot of hopping to do). *hehe*

Have a wonderful and safe three day weekend!

(I am #117, #118, and #119)

Rachel Sue said...

I'm so sorry about the popsicle mess. My childern would forever after be banned from popsicles.

Victoria said...

You will have to let me know if you like Austenland. I hate to say this, but I didn't. And I love love love Shannon Hale's books... AND I love love love Pride and Prejudice. I dunno. Maybe it caught me on a bad day... but let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

i am going to hang out with you more! you are a winner again over on mormon mommy lucky are you!

i am so glad my kids grew up without to much strife!
i am thinking my grand kids don't need

thanks for the award! i am so glad i stopped over here very first thing this morning you made my day!!

Cranberryfries said...

Yeah it'll be a long long time before I have popsicles in my house.

Victoria Ooo now I'm interested to see if I like it. I'll for sure let you know when I finish it.

Gramee totally come hang out with me more (this month I also won an autographed copy of 13th Reality).
Glad you enjoyed your reward, I love your blog!

For the record my kids are pretty good. But sometimes they have doozys. Aye eye aye.

Kristina P. said...

I really want to read Austenland. Maybe this summer!

Jenni Elyse said...

Two things. First, I hate being flaky too. I think everyone flakes every now and then, though. But, then you have those true flakes that are always rescheduling or just don't think about that kind of stuff. You're definitely not a true flake.

Second, I was told I should wait to read Austenland until after I read Pride and Prejudice. Are you finding that to be true? Should I go ahead and read Austenland first?

Olivia Carter said...

Austenland... my friend just read it & liked it. I'll have to check it out.

I can't help but laugh about the popsicles. It's just SO MY KIDS to do something just like that! I'm so sorry you had to clean all that up.

And that blog about the author. So interesting to read

Kayla said...

I read Austenland a year or so ago. It was fun but didn't have a lot of substance.

And don't feel bad about not reading Pride and Prejudice. I swore I had read it but when I picked it up to "re-read" it last year, I didn't remember a lot of the content and realized that I had actually never read the book!

My kids have left out the popsicles before, but it wasn't quite the disaster that you had! Kids... sheesh!

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

I groaned when I read about the pops, I can totally imagine mine doing that. Otter Pops are designated for the garage only.

Liked Austenland, but you know I'm a P&P junkie. Of course I'm going to tell you to read that first! It really will help Austenland make more sense.

I love reading your blog, it's so much fun.

Victoria said...

I think my expectations about the book were so high, because am so emotionally invested in not only the book Pride & Prejudice, but also the movie version with Colin Firth:) AND all of Shannon Hale's other books. And to me it seemed on the one hand a little more racy (as in sexual content) than I felt like reading... I don't mean explicit... and I'm not a prude. I don't know how to describe that. And on the other hand, it seemed more juvenile than I wanted. I thought that the main character was not as mature as the main character in Princess Academy... and she was a GIRL. I didn't hate the book...I just was disappointed that it wasn't a grown-up version of the Bayern books or either of the other stories:(

Wonder Woman said...

Please forgive my bad blog manners. I don't know why I hadn't started following or adding you to my reader. I 'pologize.

I hadn't read Pride and Prejudice either, till I saw The Jane Austen Book Club. I felt like a dork for watching it without reading any Jane Austen. I knew most of the stories, but it's just not the same if you haven't read it. Anyway.....I read P&P and Sense and Sensibility. P&P is my fave. Definitely a good one to have read.

And I hate flakiness/being flaky, too! I get so mad at myself for it.