Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tell Me: Favorite TV

There are only a few shows I keep up with these days.

It got me thinking of all those good ol' shows that I used to watch as a kid.

In no particular order I present theme songs from my past.

(Clicking on these titles will take you to youtube to hear the theme song.)

Golden Girls
Family Ties
Punky Brewster (later was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, college days)
Hogan Family (Jason Bateman , (aka Arrested Development) I totally forgot he was on this show!)
Whos the Boss
Mad About You
Gummi Bears
Growing Pains (one of many of Alan Thicke theme song)
Mr Belvader
Silver Spoons
Perfect Strangers and of course the dance of joy.
Charles in Charge
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Tale Spin
Duck Tales
Out of This World (I got to see them film an episode!)
Small Wonder
Saved by the Bell
Night Court
Empty Nest (do you remember this one?? I always watched it after Golden Girls.)

Of course the TGIF classics
Full House
Boy Meets World (my fav show ever)
Step by Step
Family Matters
-Dinosaurs (uhm?)

What did you think? What were your favorites or memories?? Anything you had forgotten about??


Rachel B. said...

Ha ha, I totally remember you loving "Boy Meets World". It is a good one, and all the boys were in love with Tapenga (sp?) and her curvy body. My most definite favorites on that list, "Who's the Boss", "Charles In Charge", "Saved By the Bell". When Tom and I are lying in bed at night I love to randomly bust out with "Thank you for being a friend...dah,dah,dah,dah...." (Golden Girls). He already knows I'm crazy! And oh my gosh to "Small Wonder". "I'm Vicki, the robot." Ah man, thanks for the good laugh this morning!

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! And I thought I watched a lot of TV!

Barbaloot said...

And I will now be singing the Growing Pains song the rest of the day. Thanks for that...

Saved by the Bell is my all-time favorite. I still see episodes every once in awhile and can tell you in less than 2 seconds which episode it actually is:) Boy Meets World was definitely high on my list. And what about Sweet Valley High?!

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

I watched a lot of the same ones you did: Family Ties, Golden Girls, Silver Spoons (did everyone have those black jelly bracelets that Ricky Schroder wore at your school, too?), Who's the Boss, Growing Pains. But I don't remember Out of This World or Small Wonder. Once I got to high school I really didn't watch a lot of tv during the week, I was too busy.
I did make time for Johnny Depp on Sunday nights and 21 Jump Street. My friends and I even did the little thing they do in a huddle at the end. Reruns were on a few years ago and it cracked me up that those guys could ever be considered high school students! For your viewing pleasure:

Olivia Carter said...

I didn't watch all of those- but I did like Saved by the Bell & Boy Meets World. Duck Tales too. I liked that show on Nickelodeon called Doug. I watched that a lot. And your missing Goosebumps. My all time favorite show!

Emily said...

I liked a bunch of those shows, but the one I was most excited about in your list was "Out of this World." When I ask people if they remember that one and I describe it, nobody knows what I'm talking about. But that was a great show! With a great theme song, too. In fact, my little boy now wants to hear that song over and over again.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

You and I come from the same generation...as you listed all the shows I watched (and miss). They just don't make tv the way the used to. I miss TGIF television. Those used to the GREATS!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

P.S. I haven't looked for them in a while..but you used to be able to watch reruns of Night Court and Boy Meets World on some of the cable channels.

Heidi said...

That's a very complete list. Wow. To think I watched most (or all) of those. And, like you said, these days I know like 10 shows - and 9 of them are for toddlers. I just had to click on Dance of Joy and Out of This World for the good ol' memories.

Rachel Sue said...

Growing pains and saved by the bell are at the top of my list.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why ... I love you like I do.

I love TV theme shows.

What's fun is to download them and make a party game of trying to be the first one to guess the theme song ... put some really obscure shows in for fun ... some game shows ... some soaps. We've had a blast doing this!

Brodi Ashton said...

I bet I'm the only other person in the world who remembered Empty Nest was after Golden Girls. Crazy.