Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tell Me: Warehouse

I love a good warehouse store. 
I'm a Costco shopper myself but I'm sure Sams Club is just as awesome.

I stopped by last week and bought some diapers. At almost $50 a box I almost peed my pants but I was ok after I realized there were 1,023,446 diapers in that box and it came with a complimentary SUV and a Diet Coke. Phew.

Tell me:
When you go to a Warehouse store....

what's your favorite thing to buy?
what can't you live without (or would really rather not to)?

what do you usually end up buying even though you weren't planning on it?
Do you love 'em or hate 'em?
Lets chat.

(I got this image off of google images. Wouldn't this gigantic cart make your shopping day more fun?)


Just SO said...

I rarely go to the Warehouse stores. Mostly because I've heard that buying in bulk isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

I did hear from an eye specialist guy at my husbands works health fair that they have good prices on glasses though so I may look into that.

Barbaloot said...

Ah-I HATE Costco! It's too big. Everytime I go there with someone, we get separated and take eight years to find each other!!

My dad goes there for my mom sometimes...he ALWAYS comes back with a large bag of peanut m&ms. Not cuz we need them, not cuz we've even eaten the last bag he bought, he just has to get them:)

Olivia Carter said...

I do like CostCO mostly because they have things I like that I can't get anywhere else.

They have the BEST flour tortillas that you cook yourself. THEY CAN NOT BE BEAT & I've looked.

I also go there for prescriptions. Scott's medicine was almost $50 at Albertsons & $12 at CostCo. That was back before the $5 prescription craze. But still!

And they sell SUPER FOOD that green drink FULL of fruits and veggies in a HUGE jug rather than mini bottles.

Their seafood is also decently priced too- though that probably doesn't interest you :)

Rochelle Brunson said...

I actually don't have a club card at either Costco or Sam's club. I really need to get one though, Scott and I have been thinking about it for a while, just haven't gotten around to it yet. But, that does sound like an awesome deal on diapers!

Kristina P. said...

I only bought a Sam's Club card about 3 weeks ago, before the shower I threw. So far, I haven't really used it. We'll definitely use it for gas.

But honestly, with only two o9f us, I just don't know where we would put everything or how often we would use it.

Jenni Elyse said...

I don't shop at warehouse stores. Although, Corey and I are thinking of getting a membership for Froyo. The distributor we use for our fruit sells us too much at a time. And, even though it's cheaper in bulk by them, it's more expensive because we end up throwing most of it away. So, we may just get the fruit ourselves.

Jillene said...

I.Love.Costco. Their meat, produce, and dairy and some of my must haves. Also Multigrain chips----Mmmmmmmmmm. But the #1 thing is gas. It's so much cheaper there.

I always end up with things that I didn't intend to buy. Like on Friday--we ended up with the new Wii game and Christmas dresses for the girls.

Erin said...

I always get the chocolate muffins. Always. I love Costco.

duff said...

I love Costco as well. Their customer service is great. I had a Sam's card also and have since given it up because their customer service wasn't as good. I go there for fresh pineapple (I eat a lot of it their price is so cheap and they are good. Many times I end up buying some clothes for the Grandkids. Did you know that Smiths will match Rx price of Costco. I had been getting a Rx at Costco and then found out Smith's will match the price and I have a Smith's across from my house, so it is much more convenient.

Melanie said...

I love Costco. I think we have a love affair. It's my favorite store. I usually buy cheese, meat (the meat in the grocery stores down here is terrible) and more recently formula and diapers. I always love looking around to see what they have...movies, books, etc.

Mandi and Adam said...

I love Costco for some things, but hate going there because it's always so busy. I also hate that the cashiers are done ringing up the next person's stuff before you can even leave the register.
We honestly don't buy a whole lot at Costco. We buy wipes, over-the-counter medicine, and the big bags of Mission tortilla chips, and sometimes milk.
They have some cute kids clothes for reasonable prices.
If I ever go with my mom, she buys two things of chocolate covered raisins-one for them and one for us. Yum!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love wharehouse shopping. Sams..Costco..it doesn't matter! My favorite thing? I like to get lunch while I am there. Where else can you get a lame hotdog and a coke for $1.50. Um..no where. I always buy to many groceries though..always!

Jill Hunt said...

Okay so you know I already am a shopper. I love to go to Costco to just look around and my kids really like to go there too. I mostly get diapers there (which I hope stops next year, I am potty training Hannah early) and we get things like batteries, laundry detergent, garbage bags. Stuff like that. Now if I take Paul, I am always scared that we will come home with something we don't need.

Wonder Woman said...

There aren't any Costcos in the midwest, so I'm a Sam's girl myself. My mom only grocery shops there, so naturally I was shopping there when we got married. Then I realized how difficult that was for just two people.

And now that we live 15 minutes from the closest warehouse store.......we get gas and dogfood there. Kinda of sad. I bought diapers there when I had two in diapers, but now I barely have one in diapers and wal-mart is just as cheap.

Brodi Ashton said...

I love the warehouse stores. I can't live without the specialty cheeses. Those are my favorite. Emmantaler, Gruyere. Yum.

And yes, I buy most of my clothes at Costco. I won't say it's helped my fashion sense.

Emily said...

I love Costco, too. I love their uncooked tortillas (they're refrigerated, back by the fruit). You cook them for a few seconds on each side before you use them, and they are delicious!! I always buy diapers and wipes there. And the big bags of tortilla chips. And potstickers when there is room in the freezer. And their fruit is always good. I rely on their produce quality more than I can rely on the quality from other stores.

Unknown said...

I don't shop there, because let's be honest I don't have a big family and I don't cook. I always dream one of day of being able to do it though.