Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sassy Cranberryfries (Vote for me!)

Ok so you know those fun ladies over at Sassy Scoops?

Did you hear they're getting a new Sassy?

So of course I totally had to make a video to be Utah's next top Sassy!

I need your help though! Pretty please?!

Go over there and vote for me! I'd sure appreciate it. (You need to click on 'sassyscoopsutah+others' tab to see my video--you gotta scroll WAY down to see Debbie Cranberryfries.)

'Like' the sassy scoop page to be able to vote/comment. Just 'like' my video to vote! If you feel so inclined you can leave a comment too but seriously I'd love it if you would 'like' it!!'

(In case you can't see it--my blog sometimes cuts the movies in half, seriously go over here and watch it!--then vote)

Voting ends on Valentines day Monday the 14th so hurry and vote. (And tell your friends too!)
EDIT They extended the deadline to Thursday Feb 17th. Please go vote for me!


Heidi said...

Phenominal! How did you do that?! Ok, so where exactly do I make this vote?

Cranberryfries said...

Thanks! In order to vote go to the link above and 'like' the Sassy Scoops page. Then it'll open the options to comment/like on my video!

Barbaloot said...

Fun video! Good luck!!!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Great video!

As far as a dress for Kaly, try JCPenny, Macy,and Sears online clearance. Look it up under communion dress or bridesmaid dress. I got Katelin's for $21. Word to the wise though, if you find one you like get it right away. I saw several cute ones but when I went back a week later they were all gone.

Tauni said...

So great! I hope you win :)

Unknown said...

I voted. Good luck. So fun being a Sassy.

Jessica G. said...

Shucks, I missed the voting but I think you'd be great! Hope you did well!

Cranberryfries said...

Thanks you guys!! You're the best!