Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laundry: It's never finished because you're wearing clothes right now!

I have never had a busier summer than this one. I have gone on so many trips (within those a few vacations) that I can easily say I've been away from home more this summer than I've been at home. My family and I have been all over the place. The kids got to go to grandma camp, I got to go to Park City with friends, my hubby went to visit friends, we've attended several family reunions, I went to Texas with a gal pal and so on and so on.

Which means....laundry day hasn't really gone as normally scheduled. Which means, there are days like today when I did over 7 loads of laundry in less than 14 hours. I suppose there may be people out there who do this (other than those who have to hit the laundry mat) but it isn't my favorite way. Mostly because I despise the putting away part. So if I can do that in spurts it's easier for me.

Do you have a schedule or do you just do it when it gets full? Do you sort yours differently than I do?

Here's what usually happens at my house. I have six sorters:
Kid Clothes
Adult Pants
Adult Shirts

Generally I do one load a day. I have it in my planner to do a certain one (aka whites on Mondays) but I'm not always spot on with that so I figure as long as I get one washed and put away a day I'm in good shape.


Kristina P. said...

I have a schedule for nothing. But my husband is awesome and he does the laundry!

Olivia Carter said...

Whoa! That is a hard core schedule. I am a wait until we have no more whites left kind of girl. I love just staying home and doing like 4 loads, sticking on some tv shows and folding. The big ol' piles just seem so satisfying.

I only have 2 sorters- whites and darks. And sometimes inbetweens.

Rachel Sue said...

I could never do a load a day. Get it all over with. I usually do all the kids laundry one day then ours the next. And I fold it with my hubby all at the same time.

Unknown said...

I do laundry on Mondays and Thursdays. I usually end up doing 5 loads. 1 white, 1 medium, 2 darks & 1 towels. On Thursdays I usually only have one load of darks so I do my sheets that day.

Jenni Elyse said...

I usually do laundry on Saturday and Sunday. Since I don't have any kids that keep adding to the pile, I'd have no clothes to wash if I did a load a day. Also, I'd feel like I was always doing laundry! But, I do hate doing it all at once because of the put away part. Alas, there's not a win/win situation with laundry unless you have a maid!

I sort mine into whites, coloreds, delicates, jeans, towels, and bedding. Towels and bedding don't get done until it absolutely has to be, though.

Rochelle Brunson said...

I sort into whites, darks, kids clothes, towels, and sheets. I do have a schedule, but its not quite that intense. I do all our sheets, and whites on Mondays. Then I do a couple loads of darks, and a load of kid clothes on Thursdays. Towels vary, I just do them whenever we run out.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm horrible..I have 9 (count them...9) sorters. Whites, Darks, Towels, Special Darks, Special Whites and delicates. Then the remaining three are the kids whites, darks and towels. I usually start with the towels, move to the whites and work through the colds and delicates. It's usually a free for all..I throw them in when I can and hope for clean clothes when I need them!

also known as shell said...

I can't wait for the day to send my kids to grandma camp. I think I'll start trying to convince my mom and my mil to start one.

I have a schedule. I do 2 loads a day. also my husband built me a laundry folding table and that has helped me out tons!

Heidi said...

I prefer to get it over with in one day than to spread it out. Tuesday is laundry day.

Since I have gotten married I have had 2 profound laundry liberating lessons. 1) Hubby taught me that sorting is as simple as: Whites (warm), Colors (cold), Towels. Forget the light colors and dark colors. I never read tags anymore and it saves so much time! 2) Stop folding your underwear! Who's going to see the wrinkles in your undies???? Designate a drawer with a divider in the middle - tops on one side, bottoms on the other and just toss them in. Socks too for that matter. Hours of my life have been restored to me.

Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops said...

I try to do a load a day. It makes it less overwhelming for me.
Let's see...
sometimes lights
so 5 sorters.

Unknown said...

You are so organized. I wish my life was like that...so not! =( Although Paul does the laundry which is really nice, except he won't do Van's. Weird huh!? All of her clothes are seperate, and he refuses to do it. It takes too much time probably! LOL

Jill Hunt said...

Well I use to have a certain routine but you have heard me complain about my laundry problems with my neighbor so I now I just try to get it done fast before my laundry room floods!

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

If I don't do a load a day I'm dead. Plus if I tried to do it all in one day I'd be exhausted.
Tues-darks, cold
Wed-darks, delicate
The kids all have their own laundry baskets with their names on them, so putting it all away is easy: they do it themselves! Even Rachel loves to do it. I am almost always folding while watching tv, I can't stand to have my hands idle.

Kayla said...

Wow, I may have gotten some great tips here. Honestly I try not to count how many sorting piles I have. Probably about 7-8
2 of whites
2 of darks
1 reds/pinks
1 light colors (not white and not dark)
1-2 towels/sheets

I have tried and tried to get myself on a schedule, but I do better with a "bi-weekly bomb through" where I do all the loads during the day and pile them up on the couch, then in the evening Brice and I put in an old movie and FOLD, FOLD, FOLD!!!
(And every two weeks I complain that we have WAY too much crap and that I'm going to throw it all away!)