Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Absolute Association in All Areas

Several months ago my hubby went out of town for a job interview. The original plan called for a 3 day stay. After a few things came up it turned into 6.

While the hubs was away it was a little quiet at night so as I worked on my many random projects and read my stories I liked to have some movies playing just to make noise.

Of course with my little OCD problem with associating all things (I call it my AOCD), I got it into my head to start relating all the movies I watched. Originally it started with just one thing in each movie matched the next movie I watched, but then I started thinking how all the movies I'd been watching linked to each other. Of course, again with my OCD, I had to make a chart to help my visual side of things. I know I know, insert your eye rolls here. I can't help it. Associating things makes me giddy with delight. Seriously. My friends can attest to this. The funny thing is usually it doesnt make much sense, but here for our appreciation and "oh good at least I'm not as crazy as that girl" is my movie association


Melinda said...

Ooooh, I'd never even thought of it as association OCD, I LOVE THAT! I think I may just have a slight case, but is it sad that I loved your chart? And um, YES we can totally be friends!!! :D

Olivia Carter said...

Oh! I love it! That is SO FUNNY!

Cranberryfries said...

Oh I'm so glad you guys loved my chart. Talk about the things you do when you're bored and lonely. Haha! I'm just glad hubby came home the next day after I did this. Who knows what else I would have done.