Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meeting an author!

My friend Rachel and I were in charge of book club this month. Rachel happens to know cute miss Ally Condie (the one holding the book in the middle) and she graciously agreed to come and chat with us.

It was fun going all out on red, white and blue. The book we read was called Freshman for President. She's also written a handful of other books including some for LDS YA.

We asked her all sorts of questions about her writing process and how she is able to make it work for her and her family. She also told us some fun stories about other authors she's met through sharing the same publishers.

As always the girls and I had a great evening and laughed so hard my jaw was aching. Before we left we all talked about the books we've been reading lately and I came home with a list of well over 30 books that are all on my to be read list now.


Rachel Sue said...

Sounds like a fun night! How fun to be a part of such a great book club!

Jenni Elyse said...

This was so much fun! I enjoyed it so much! You and Rachel did a good job of planning it!

Flahauts said...

Hi, It's Kim Flahaut. Shane Flahaut's wife. We would love to keep in touch with you guys. I am still kinda new to this, could you send us an invite to your blog. Thanks!

Kayla said...

I'm still sad that I missed this, although since I was in Labor and Delivery that night it's probably a good thing!

Anyway, PLEASE pass on the list of books that you guys discussed! I'm in desperate need of something to keep me from going crazy and books are always a good thing!