Monday, April 6, 2009

Food Storage Made Easy

I've been following this site for a few months now and LOVE all of their wonderful ideas. For reasons probably like everyone else I decided it was imperative I needed to start my food storage immediately. This week this site is talking about their newly finished 'baby step binder'. Doesnt that name just scream easy, you can do it, it's possible, it's about time to get started, nothing holding you back now! Right?

I cleared out half of my sons closet (it was mostly just boxes anyway) and put in some big nice shelves and it's amazing the boost it is to see those shelves fill up! This is where it was about two weeks ago. (Our year supply #10 cans are taking the entire space under my girls beds.) I'm pretty excited considering that about a month or two ago this didn't exhist and all I had is what was in my pantry. I obviously still have some things to do but I'm thrilled I have a vision now.

Anywho hop on over to this site for some great tips, tricks, ideas, and encouragement!


Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I need some encouragement. I read this fictional YA book about the end of the world (sort of) & I got all neurotic. I didn't have enough canned goods, or water, or toothpaste. Then the stress wore off- maybe I need to go read it again- haha!

Sonja said...

I needed this! Thanks for sharing. Love your pantry!

Wendy said...

What inspiration!! I need to get going hardcore on getting food storage together for my family. That's awesome that you are doing so much to build yours up. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Keep coming back!!

Neil Kevin said...

Thanks for sharing tips. I was searching for the same and i got it. Its very useful. Thanks for help.