Tuesday, April 14, 2009

YA Author (Free Book)

I have this adorable cousin (well I think technically she's my 2nd cousin) who is in the process of getting her new YA book published (read about it here). In the meantime she keeps many entertained with her witty, silly, (self proclaimed geeky) sense of humor on her Blog.

I think you should certainly check it out. She even told me that the first 5 people (that I send over) to follow her blog and then email her and tell her "I saw you on Debbie's blog" (or something w/ my name) "and I've been really wanting to read [insert a YA book here]" she'll send you the book for free!! (Edited to add: Offer no longer available.)

Cool right? A free book! Plus hours of entertainment as you read and enjoy her blog. Leave me a comment if you hop over there. I'd love to know if you enjoyed it or said hi.


Olivia Carter said...

I really have enjoyed reading her blog- she's got a great sense of humor!

Brodi Ashton said...

Debbie- thanks so much for the spotlight! You seriously rock. And I'm happy to find your blog as well. I'm a follower!

Brodi (in a Singapore airport, suffering from jet lag)