Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Pictures

I did this on my family blog but thought it'd be fun to do here. My friend Jenni tagged me with this cute idea. Basically, you search for the answers to the questions using the Google/Yahoo Image search. Then, you have to post an image from the first page of the results to be your answer.

My Favorite Vacation
My parents love to travel and took my sisters and me on some pretty awesome vacations (England, Hawaii, Florida, New York, San Fransisco). When I was 15 we went on a cruise to the Bahama's. A few of my favorite memories from the trip was all the perks of a cruise ship (even though I got sea sick for 2 days), snorkeling in bright blue water with a lot of beautiful fish swimming so close they touched me, the beautiful white sandy beaches and parasailing!

My Favorite Color
I don't exactly have a favorite color because to me it all depends on what it's for and what my mood is. Interior design, clothing, paintings. My fallback is usually sage green though. (My other common favorites include maroon and black.)

My Age
27, Twenty seven, 2-7, The big Two-Seven. I like my age.

My entire life I've always felt young. I was always the younger of my friends, the youngest in my family, etc etc. I still dont feel old(er) yet but my hubby turns 29 this year and to me that means we're on our way to movin' on up.

My Favorite Treat
My family's homemade cheesecake (with a slight touch of my hubs family recipe). It was the ONE request I wanted to eat on my birthday. My familys original recipe would never stand up this tall because it's way too gooey and scrumptious. It's incredibly rich, incredibly bad for you, and incredibly delicious! I remember when Tarl and I first started going out we thought we were so cute because we both LOVED cheesecake. It was a match made in heaven. And I think we hardly ever eat it. Haha.

My Favorite Food
It changes about once or twice a year. Currently it is Schlotsky's Turkey Original on Sourdough (no lettuce, no olives). For those of you who don't know I'm allergic to vegetables. (C'mon it's just easier than saying I don't like 'em and people don't give me as hard of a time.) I pick off the tomatoes and onion too but I hate asking for 'hold everything' and those are big enough I can take them off and not have any gone unnoticed.

This sandwich is amazing. I love the fresh, soft, yet crispy Sourdough bread. I love the perfect level of toasted gooeyness. Enough to melt the cheese, warm the turkey and crisp the bread. For some odd reason, I also really love staying there to eat and sitting at one of their tall tables.

The Place I Want To Travel to The Most
I would actually really like to travel anywhere around the United States. I think there are so many great things to experience and see 'close' to where I am. I don't know why but New England has always been a pull for me. I don't really know much about it but I think that would be part of the fun. Plus if I was already out there I'd like to run over to Pennsylvania too since Tarl served his mission there.

The Place I Grew Up
I was nine when my family moved from this small town, but I always remember my mom trying to explain where it was to people, "It's near Pasadina and Arcadia. It's claim to fame is the City of Hope Hospital." I dont know why I remember that.
It's nice to have a marker around that age since my memories are sometimes sketchy. Whenever I remember something from my childhood, it's in two catagories before 9 there or after 9 here.

The Place I Live Now
I found this by searching Timpanogus mountain peak. I can see it from here, so it counts. Beautiful water, beautiful colors, beautiful. I love the beauty of the outdoors and it's definitely beautiful where I live now.

I just wish I could get up there in the mountains to enjoy it more. At least I can look out my windows and see these gorgeous mountains any time I want.

Something I Used to Love
I still love it, I just don't do it anymore. I played softball for about three years. I played a fastpitch womens team in the fall and a slowpitch coed team in the summer. I played shortstop. I LOVED softball! I had awesome people on my teams, we kicked trash (I think every season we won first place but one) and I was really good. (The other sports I tried, I was ok but not fantastic.)

Because I had a secret weapon of sprinting like the devil (I dont actually know if the devil sprints, but I sprinted fast) my fast pitch couches often encouraged me to bunt the ball and sprint.

I miss that feel of standing in the field at night with those lights shinning on you, smelling the dirt and the grass, chattering with the team. (I was the one who was always yelling, "three up three down, lets go girls, get it done, nice job, there ya go!".)

My Favorite Animal
Another one of my wishy-washy answers. I used to LOVE dolphins and collected dolphin stuff, but then decided (with the 'help' of my husband who thought it was time) I was done with that. Now I don't really have a favorite animal. I like monkeys, elephants, sharks.


Kristina P. said...

I think that all of the Scholtzkys in the Salt Lake Valley have closed down. Too bad, because they have really good sandwiches!

Cranberryfries said...

There is one in Sandy and I believe one in Layton. But I think those are the only two in the state.

Rachel Sue said...

I was just looking at your crazy days list. Root canal appreciation day? Seriously? Who appreciates that?

Just SO said...

Oh my I may just have to search out those Scholtzky's! I LOVE their sandwiches and the one near us closed down.

I LOVE Timp. It's my favorite mountain ever.

And yum cheesecake!!!

H.K. said...

I love this version of the tag games with the pictures, it makes it more fun to read!

Anonymous said...

i love a good cheesecake!!!!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

It's fun to learn so much about you. I'll log this away for a slow blog day.....

And fun to know that you're a Utah blogger! I'm just a bit south of you.