Thursday, February 28, 2013

Albion Fit + Giveaway! (and discount code)

I dont know if you're like me but knowing I have cute clothes to wear when I'm working out and getting all sweaty glow-y makes it a bunch easier to talk myself into working out every morning! C'mon girls. Who doesn't want to feel sexy, right?

Let me share with you a little about Albion fit and their selection of women's fitness and swimwear and workout clothing. Plus the kind folks at Albion Fit are giving a special offer (and discount code) to my readers!

One of you will win a Classic Racerback!
(in the color of your choice)

The women's fitness and workout clothing selection is so fun! I'm completely in love with their classic hoodie  (I've been DYING to try out the fun thumb sleeves!), and go long crew (with the early morning workouts I'm sorta cold when I start and I'd love to have a little layering).

Their swimwear has stunning pieces. My two favorites are criss cross chino and show stopper! It's really making me more than ready to have spring and summer here. Now. I'm ready for sunshine!

Find them here:
Albion Fit webpage
Albion Fit facebook
Albion Fit twitter

Albion Fit is kindly offering my readers an exclusive discount of $15 off for use on any purchases $50 or more that you make on our website. Use discount code cranberryfries15. Just be sure to use it soon, it expires 3/08/2013!

So here we go. 
Go enter. 
Good luck!!

To be eligible to win (use the rafflecopter above) you must do both:
~ pin your favorite item from onto one of your Pinterest boards


Francisca said...

My "old" pictures from before I got married motivates me to work out. I'm currently trying to get back to my pre-wedding weight. 10 more pounds to go! :)

Mandi and Adam said...

Super cute stuff! I would love to win!

Mandi and Adam said...

I think just the idea of looking and feeling the best I can, and seeing the pounds come off, gets me motivated to work out.

Stacie S-H said...

so weird, I was *not* following on GFC like I thought. But I am now! So I guess I'm a new follower not old like I said.
New workout clothes motivate me to work out and the fact that summer is coming too

~j. said...

I'm motivated by knowing how I'll feel after I work out (I always feel so much better). I'm also motivated by summer (can't WAIT for it to be summer!) and racing goals.

Kristie said...

So bummed. I don't do facebook, and it really bums me out that most giveaways have a "follow on facebook in order to enter."
What an awesome company. Thanks for sharing a cool company.

Unknown said...

Motivated by knowing how I want to look...where I used to be and how good it feels after a great workout!

Anonymous said...

I am motivated by looking at old pictures and seeing what I used to look like! It helps me get that extra push to continue on, knowing that I can look like that again!

Jill Hunt said...

Such cute stuff! Loved it all!

elysehawks said...

Love the clothes they have! I am getting myself motivated again! I need to get back on the workout wagon! :D

Muriel said...

I am working on my arms so they will look great in a tank!

Annette Lyon said...

The right workout clothes can make a huge difference--I'm finally getting ones I like! Fun giveaway!

Unknown said...
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meredith m said...

I got motivated by my pants getting tight

Unknown said...

Plus the kind folks at Women Clothing Coupon Codes Albion Fit are giving a special offer (and discount code) to my readers!