Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Buy Authors

My friend Jenni participates in this prompt and I thought it'd be fun to see what I came up with.

I've read enough from these authors that I wouldn't hesitate buying their next book, whatever it may be. (I'm also listing, for information sake, my favorite book by that author, though there are a handful that I love.)
  1. Sarah Dessen (The Truth About Forever)
  2. Morgan Matson (Amy & Rogers Epic Detour)
  3. Jennifer Crusie (Agnes and the Hitman)
  4. Sarah M. Eden (Drops of Gold)
  5. Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss)
  6. Richard and Linda Eyre (The Entitlement Trap)
  7. John Gottman (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work)
  8. Markus Zusak (I Am The Messenger)
  9. Ally Condie (Being Sixteen)
  10. Sydney Salter (Swoon At Your Own Risk) , Sara Zarr (Story of a Girl), Sheralyn Pratt (Rhea Jensen series), Kristyn Crow (Bedtime at the Swamp)

Is there an author (or a few) that you'd auto buy?!

Top Ten Tuesday prompt is from The Broke and the Bookish


Jenni Elyse said...

Ha! I love how you added more than ten by doubling up on your last one! I didn't know you liked Being Sixteen more than Matched. I'm going to have to read that one now.

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

I loved Being Sixteen too! I'd have to say Shannon Hale is the only one for me. I've only read a few of Sarah M Eden's, I'll have to try more. I have Lola and the Boy Next Door downloaded on my Kindle to read next week on my cruise!

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

Ok, I should have thought a little more before I posted the last one. i'll definitely buy Julianne Donaldson's next one, w/o reading the synopsis even.

Kayla said...

I love your list! We definitely have some crossover. I love me some light fantasy too- so I'd add Juliet Marillier, Shannon Hale, and Sharon Shinn. And when my friends become authors, I will be among the first to queue up my purchase on Amazon! :)

Camiba said...

Dee Henderson & Tracie Peterson would be on my autobuy list. Part of me wants to say Lori Wick, since I love her novels. However, the recent allegations against her, her family and cult-like church condoning child abuse has made me cut her off from my library. I think, in a way, I'm still grieving that. However, Dee Henderson has a book releasing next month! :D

Heidi said...

Brandon Mull is my auto buy!